Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy release day to meeee!

Today is the official release of my newest Love Inspired romance novel, FIREMAN DAD.

Check out what people are saying about it! :)

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Sis_Steel - on Barnes & Noble Site: The Perfect Firefighter romance

Firefighters come and go in romance popularity but their work ethic, risky profession, and brotherhood always make them appealing heroes to me. In Fireman Dad, Betsy St. Amant has created a fresh romance spotlighting the world of firemen and those who love them. Her insider knowledge and ability to weave a tale that is current yet timeless make her book one not to be missed. With a workaholic fire chief father and late husband who died in the line of duty, Marissa Hawthorne carries more than her share of baggage when it comes to interacting with firemen. Date one? Not a chance. But then Jacob Greene appears on the scene as her personal hero. He is everything she could want in a man: a gentleman, kind to her son, giving, attractive. But he works in the same profession that killed her husband and stole her father's time with her. Jacob is just as attracted to Marissa but has his own obstacles to developing a relationship with her. But when he decides to leap past those obstacles, watch out! Jacob is one of the most attractive "nice guys" I have met in a romance. How St. Amant brings these two characters together is a lovely combination of longing, love, and lessons in trusting God. A bit of suspense running through the book makes the reader turn the pages a bit faster but it was the courtship of Jacob and Marissa, set against the background of modern day struggles, making me race to the epilogue.

Tonya Lacourse gave FIREMAN DAD 5 carats-

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Awesomeness :). You deserve it!

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That really looks like a great book!And you are getting some great feedback! Congratulations! Sierra
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Congratulations! You must be hopping right out of your skin! May the good reviews continue!