Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday bliss

Happy Thursday!

I love Thursdays because I don't work my part time job (at least not outside of the house, I typically spend some time on it on my home computer) so I get to stay home all day with Little Miss. We don't usually go anywhere and just spend the day in our PJs, cleaning a little, playing a lot, watching cartoons, and playing/working on our various computers. Yes, she's barely 3, but has taken over the desktop computer (I work on my laptop for my part time jobs and writing) as her own.

And you know what? She's a total whiz at it! She's mastered Disney Jr. games, games, Scooby Doo games, and other online make-over/princess/puppy salon type games. She knows not only how to play them herself but how to load them/pull them up from the desktop. She knows how to minimize/maximize the screens, how to exit, how to use the spacebar and keys and mouse to play the various games.

It's quite impressive, and I'm counting my blessings because I sit on the floor with my laptop beside her and am able to be productive ;)

I think those games have also taught her so much - hand/eye coordination, counting, numbers and letters, patience when something doesn't work right, etc. To name a few!

I think she's smarter than me already...

What are you donig on this lovely Thursday?

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