Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm so glad my toddler isn't a TV show producer...

Little Miss has gotten a little spoiled when it comes to the TV - as in, she always gets to watch "her show", as she puts it. Which means I've adjusted to the idea of watching any of my shows at night after she goes to bed. I realized the other day I need to start working with her on sharing the TV (she's so great about sharing food and toys, but we've yet to fight his battle) and decided to start with Cupcake Wars.

I LOVE that show!! :) A girl from my town actually went on it a few months ago for her shop BUTTERCUPS. (amazing cupcakes)

I figured it would still interest her a little because she loves cupcakes and she loves races, so it'd be fun for her to watch the different teams compete and run around stressed and decorate their cupcakes. I tried to get her to interact, to pick a favorite cupcake, etc. She protested for awhile but finally started watching it with me.

Then I ended up having to explain what was going on, which wasn't easy. lol One team was upset because they ran out of time, and didn't get all their cupcakes decorated. She kept asking why they were upset. I finally just said "It's a contest, they want to win."

Little Miss nodded understandingly, eyes full of woe and voice full of compassion. "But they didn't. So now they die."

HAHAHA. Not quite as serious as all that!

Note to the masses- never go on a reality show produced by Little Miss. Or enter a contest she's judging... ;)

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