Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Praying for rain...

I think a lot of America is in a drought right now, I know for sure large portions of the South are. In my area of north Louisiana, things are getting dire. We haven't had more than a sad half-hearted drizzle in months. Worse yet, when we do get thunderstorms, they are rainless. So its just noise and lightning and fires without the benefit of the rain. WE NEED RAIN!

There's a lot of spiritual controversy going on, I see it online in articles and on the news and on Facebook, about whether the drought is just a drought or punishment from God on America. I could see it going either way - America isn't at its finest right now, to be certain. I think we should pray for rain and get our hearts right with Jesus regardless of this is consequence or not, because that's the right thing to do anyway. America might have major issues that are outside of one individual's control but you know what IS in your control? YOUR heart. YOUR choices. YOUR actions and attitudes and decisions.

So take a moment today, to get right with our Lord and pray for not only for rain, but for inward cleansing as well. You'll feel refreshed, regardless of if the sky actually opens up. And if it does, hey - thanks :)

If you're not used to praying but are interested in learning more or in what it means to become a Christian and obtain an active relationship with God, message me privately at betsystamant@yahoo.com. I'd be honored to talk to you about that!

Here's my prayer for today. Join me, shall you? Or pray your own - after all, prayer is just talking to God!

Dear Heavenly Father, I and these others with me come to you right now with a repentent heart. I confess my wrongdoings and my bad attitudes, my lack of faith and my lack of acting on Your behalf when given opportunities to do so. I pray for Your forgiveness and I thank You that I have it because of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross for me, and for all who claim it. Thank You for not only what you do, but most importantly, WHO you are! We love you Father! Thank You that we have access to Your heavenly throne via Jesus, who paved the way with drops of righteous blood. We ask now that you cleanse our hearts with purificatoin and cleanse this land You gave us Lord with rain. Please bring Your healing water, literally and metaphorically. Help us to take better care of the Earth You gave us. We ask for Your touch now Father. In the precious name of Jesus, AMEN.

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