Monday, August 15, 2011


Ever have days where you just lean back and say "Whew! Glad that's over!" ??

I am today. Hubby fought in a fundraiser event called BATTLE OF THE BADGES in a neighboring Louisiana city Saturday night (about two hours away). Battle of the Badges is amateur boxing between firemen and cops. It's supposed to be fun but of course its taken seriously too, and winning is indeed a feather in one's cap.

Hubby, who has watched MMA fighting and boxing and all kinds of stuff for the majority of his life, did his first fight as a fireman two years ago here in our town. He lost his first fight (the fights consist of three 2-minute or shorter rounds), then the next year, did it again after training at a gym with professionals, and won...and I'm not bragging but, wow, he WON! Like, the guy didn't have a chance. lol That was last November. This past Saturday he was invited to this eventout of town, and he went, but I couldn't go with because of babysitting complications. (which might have been good, seeing how he was fight #14 and didn't even go on until 10 p.m. and this city is 2 hours away from us!) He went with his cousin, who promised to keep me updated via text message, and wow that was a long night! I was so nervous for him. The first fight he did he had ringing in his ear for months. I didn't want him hurt, for obvious reasons.

Well, Hubby lost the fight, but everyone that saw itwas posting on FB about how he should have had it, so it was apparently very close. I expected Hubby to be a little discouraged about losing, until I heard the details once he came home Sunday. Apparently, the cop he was fighting was almost 20 years older and had THIRTY amateur fights behind him, to my hubby's two. WOW! The cop also tore his bicep fighting Hubby, (Hubby only had black eye) and told him afterward that Hubby made him see stars with some of his punches. :) It was a great match! And this cop even wants Hubby to come down to New Orleans and spar with him sometime. Hubby also got invited back for next year as well as an additional invite to Galveston, TX, next year. He was pumped!

Me? I'm just putting on my support wife smile and thinking I will cross that nerve-laden bridge when we get there! ha! :) Seriously thought, super proud of my man.


Sierra said...

Wow that is so cool!And awesome!I once saw an old boxing movie once.It must have been...60s or 50s.It was pretty cool. It must be pretty scary for you's a lot of fighting :O
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Anne said...

Oh wow! Sounds like both of you are tough cookies! :)