Friday, August 19, 2011

Maybe we should have been more specific...

So guess what? RAINED! Yes! Thanks for all who prayed. I know I did, and wow, what a blessing.

But maybe we should have prayed more specifically ;)

The rain came in the form of a sudden and intense storm, naturally the moment I made Little Miss go lay down for her nap. She's terrified of thunder, and was literally sobbing under her covers. So I let her lay on the floor in my office in a sleeping bag and rest while I tried to pay bills and work on a synopsis.

Genius plan, until the front door blew WIDE OPEN from the storm and wind. I go running through the house, heart in my throat, only hearing rainwater like a waterfall and thinking the roof had collapsed somewhere. Thankfully it was just the door, and rain and leaves were blowing in like crazy. This time I DEADBOLTED the door, and we were good. I get Little Miss settled back down and get back to my bills and...lights blink. Computers shut down. Grrrr. I restart, wait the indefinite period of time for it all to load, then get back to it. Programs pull up and...lights blink. Rinse and repeat.

I finally shut down all the computers and told Little Miss we could watch a DVD in my bed. She was ecstatic. So ecstatic, that neither of us napped at all and by the storm died down, it was time to get up. The lights hadn't blinked in an hour or more, so we decided to surprise Daddy with lemon bars (a box mix he brought home from the grocery store one day that he wanted us to make). It was almost dinner time too, so Little Miss helps me mix up everything, and we put the lemon bars and dinner (a chicken pepperoni pasta) in the oven. Shut the oven door, and...

Lights go out.

Not kidding.

This wasn't a blink.

They were out for 4 hours.

Hubby came home a few minutes after we shut the oven door, and turned on the generator for us, as Little Miss cried "the cake is going to ruin!!!". Despite the rain it was still about 100 degrees outside, so he kept trying to run the air conditioner, the fridge, the kitchen oven and lights, etc. At the same time.

Well the generator couldn't hang with that, so we ended up giving up and just running the kitchen appliances, after several frustrated tries. By this point I had no idea how long the oven had actually been cooking our food, since it kept blowing fuses and having to restart.

The house got hot pretty quick with no AC and the oven on, and we finally got everything done and sat down to dinner, with nothing on electricity-wise but the TV. We kept up with our neighbors, who had called the power company, who was working on it and knew there was about 25 of us down. Sigh. Lucky few!

Little Miss was confused why she couldn't play computer games, and why it was getting hot, and why she could barely see her dinner, etc. As she kept dramatically explaining "WORST DAY EVER!!!!" hahaha. We could never be Amish. ;)

We were debating going to spend the night at my parents so we didn't sweat all night when we finally heard around 8:30 that there was a pole down and crews had been dispatched to get it and it would be fixed soon. So we camped out in the dark, with the fans on high, watching TV until about 10:30 when sure enough, our neighbor told us they were back on. We shut off the generator and voila. AC! Woohoo!

So yeah. That was our night. So much for Blissful Thursday ;) But hey. The lemon bars were actually yummy, and we got rain - a good bit, at that. So I'm truly not complaining.

Just have the song "Isn't it ironic" stuck in my head ;)


Anne said...

Haha hey, at least it gave you good post material! And little miss always sounds so smart to me. I'm like, can 3 year olds do that?? I guess I'll find out in a year! :)

Becky S. said...

Oh, Betsy! What a day! Little Miss says the funniest & cutest things. ;) Congrats on actually finishing your dinner & lemon bars despite all the obstacles!

P.S. Yay for rain...God listens. :)

Fresh Garden said...

Little miss is fantastic! She always sounds so smart to me!! ;D