Tuesday, August 09, 2011

If you could do one thing...

I like to ask this of writers a lot, so forgive me if I've done this before recently, but it's soooo interesting to me - what would you do if you didn't write?

And to put a spin on it today, what would you do (outside of writing) if you could be guaranteed success/pick it up on the first try, etc.?

Would that new factor change your first answer? Or would you still do the same thing?

For me, if I didn't/couldn't write and had extra time for a different hobby, I think I'd take up scrapbooking again - especially since Little Miss gives me such great photo material :) That's a realistic hobby/goal for myself and my lifestyle and opportunities.

However, if I could do anything and be guaranteed success/guaranteed to do it well on the first try, guess what I'd do?

Play the fiddle.

I know that's quite random, but seriously, I LOVE bluegrass music! Anyone heard the band Nickel Creek? LOVE!

Okay, now I'm headed to youtube to look up their old videos...

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Anne @ The Bored Mommy said...

Oh, I heart Nickel Creek! I'd like to work in graphic design for a successful women's magazine (I LOVED putting together the layout for my church's former newsletter).