Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentines Day Fun...

A Valentine Contest!

So Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you know what means!! Candy? Chocolate? Flowers? Maybe so...but what kind of flower?

Join The White Roses of The Wild Rose Press on their Valentine's Day Scavenger’s Hunt!

Below is a list of the participating authors and their websites and/or blogs. Each of the sites has an identical flower in a different color. Once you've picked all the flowers, copy the names below and list the color of the rose you found on the corresponding author's site(s).

Email your answer to: Please include the email address we should use to contact you if you win.

The contest runs from February 1 to the 14th.

*The Grand prize will be: a mixed bouquet of our eBooks and short stories. First and Second prizes of selected titles will also be awarded!*

Georgiana Daniels -

Cindy Green -

Kimberlee Mendoza -

Kim Waters-

Pamela S Thibodeaux -

Cami Checketts-

Nicola Beaumont -

Kara Lynn Russell-

Betsy Ann St Amant-

Vicktoria Pitts-Caine -

Happy hunting! =)

A rainy day mystery...

Okay, so I'm totally open for explanations! Here's the deal.

This morning, my husband BJ left for work a little before 7:00. I'm staying home sick (long story there, a blog for another day!) About that time I heard a loud crashing, banging type noise on our storage shed in the backyard, the one our 90 lb black lab Samson likes to demolish by throwing his weight against (it doesn't have any doors anymore! lol) So I thought "Sammys' messing up the shed again" and fell back asleep. A few minutes later, around 7:15, I woke up again and heard a bunch of rattling on a fence outside the bedroom window. I was like "oh geez, what is Samson doing now?" and then I heard rustling leaves, like footsteps (though that could have been Samson. Hard to tell when he weighs that much...) but they sounded human enough for me to get up and look outthe window.

Samson was in his pen.

We did not put him there.

Our backyard is fenced, but we have a pen in the corner by our bedroom window that is about four feet wide and 7 feet tall. We used it a few times last year when making backyard fence repairs and needing him to not get out - haven't used it since. BJ keeps a padlock and a corded-chain thing on there, but the door to the pen always stays open. This morning, however, the door was shut, tied, and Samson sat inside looking awfully confused.

I quickly called BJ, and asked if he put Samson in the pen before he left for work. BJ said NO and I immediately got freaked out. He stayed on the phone with me while I put on a jacket and shoes and hurried outside. No on was there, of course, and the backyard fencing was all fine - its not like Samson got out and then someone put him back in the pen for us. The backyard gate on the other side of the house was still locked up tight, perfectly normal.

I go to the pen and Samson seems fine, just looked as if he felt he like was in trouble or something. Poor guy. So I'm on my cell with BJ trying to undo the cord to let Samson out and I can't undo. BJ is soooo mad. We have NO idea who did this or why. Scary stuff!

Finally I was able to push all my weight against the pen door, toward the inside, and Samson could just barely slip out the crack it made. I brought him inside fora minute and he was fine - hyper, happy, his usual self, not hurt or even subdued. So I let him back out and just kept an eye on him through the blinds, which I'm still doing periodically. Its storming now, so he's sleeping in his doghouse like usual.

It is just weird. My first thought was maybe he had pressed against the gate like I did, and gotten inside the pen, then couldn't get back out. But my hubby reminded me that wasn't possible because the door to the pen always stays open, since we don't use it, and today it was secured shut. Its not a latch that can catch if shut - to secure it, you have to tie the cord around the handles and around the padlock, which is what happened. Samson is a smart dog and I call him "my genius" but he is obviously not capable of tying himself into a pen!!

So I'm a little wary right now, but so far, nothing else has happened and its been several hours. We just dont know if someone was doing us a favor, like maybe Samson got out and they put him back without wanting to wake us up, thinking he belonged in the pen? I would imagine if he had done something wrong, to somebody's pet or property, I would have thought they'd let us know regardless of what time it was....

We have no idea when that happened - the noises I heard before looking out the window this morning could have been just Samson and not a person. I just have no idea!

And of course this morning was the first morning in like a year that BJ didn't say goodbye to Samson before leaving for work, so we have no timeline ideas to go on.

I called my mom and she had no suggestions, other than maybe someone was trying to help us out somehow if he got out. But I don't see how Samson could have gotten out of the backyard if the gate was still shut up and the fencing is all fine. He doesn't ever jump.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Reluctant Smuggler - by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Looting of archaeological sites is big business in a thriving art and antiquities black market. When a desperate foreign government hires Desiree Jacobs’s security company to stop the hemorrhage, she runs afoul of a deadly art-for-drugs operation. Tony Lucano risks his rising career in the FBI to dive into the international underworld after her. Before either of them can come up for air, they must navigate through a deepening murk of ruthless looters, hair-trigger DEA agents, crooked government agents, and innocent bystanders caught up in an illegal trade beyond their understanding. Even if a miracle delivers Desi and Tony from evil, will their love survive the test?

Complete with a reader’s guide, this third book in the To Catch a Thief series explores the power of hope in the darkest of circumstances.

My take:

This was a super fun read! I've enjoyed all of Jill's stories in this fantastic series, and I was sad to see the third one end. I think it was my favorite yet! I'm always impressed when a book in a series manages to be better than the one before. So many times with sequels (in books and in movies alike) the original remains the best. With Jill, it's a toss up! =) Way to go!

You won't want to miss this story. It's got it all - faith, romance, friendship, danger, and a subtle yet inspiring spiritual theme that will make you reevaluate your own issues of trust in Christ.

Jill Elizabeth Nelson graduated with a degree in literature and creative writing from Southwest State University in Marshall , Minnesota . She served for three years as the senior inspirational reviewer for Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers Group, and Christian Authors Network. In 2004, she served as a Christy Award judge in the romance category. Nelson and her husband have four children and live in Madison , Minnesota.

Buy your copy of Jill's fun, exciting novel here!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A few thoughts for Friday...

This blog isn't writing related, though it does involve someone else's writing, if that counts =)

My bud Matt on Facebook found this blog post today and told me to check it out. I advise you to do the same, then read the rest of my post and give your own opinions/comments at the end.

This guy has some really great blogs from time to time! I visit his site often. One of my favorite quotes from this particular post of his is "That's one problem with helping people grow up: You have to be a grown-up."

Love that!! Kudos to this guy. I agree 100% - Sadly, it seems parents (even Christian parents! gasp!) are more afraid now-a-days of their kid being considered "weird" then they are about their spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. I hear this all over the place, even from friends my own age who aren't yet having children. I have acquaintance-type friends who are very active in their church yet see no problem drinking heavily, going to bars, cussing, and generally acting like the rest of the world. Different = weird in their minds, and sadly this mindset is taking over a number of generations. Even adults my parents age and older, who I always looked up to in the church, have been known to frequent bars, nightclubs, etc. It blows my mind. The parents are wanting to seem "cool" so they act younger, the kids are wanting to seem "cool" so they act older...where is the middle ground? Where is normal, anyway? Its so relative!

This topic has always been such a soapbox for me and now that I'm pregnant, I have a feeling it will only become more so...

For example, I'm considering homeschooling my kids. Some people look at me like I have 6 ears when I say that, but hey, I homeschooled off and on growing up and was very involved with my church youth group, had plenty of social interaction and best friends - and I don't think I'm "weird". Different, yes - I actually have morals that I cling to, even as an adult, and not a single day goes by that I'm not appreciative of the sacrifice my parents made so I could do just that. Sacrifices they made that contribute to who I am today. You know what? I actually like me =)

I'm sure there are sacrifices I'll have to make as a new mom, as well - such as avoiding TV shows that might be offensive to a small child, being more careful with my words when Hubby & I disagree (and I'm not talking cuss words, but harsh language in general! Soooo not good for kids to hear between their parents, and on this I will not be swayed!), not giving in to my child's requests/demands just to keep the peace, etc. (like with movies or books he/she's just not ready for).

I love the pacing this guy's blog mentioned. Shelter your kids - but not forever. Bring them into the world slowly. Teach them as you go. There is no reason to rush them through - let them be kids for awhile!! They grow up fast enough already. Has anyone else realized that kids are developing physically faster now than they were 25 years ago? Check out yearbook pages and compare. Seriously, it blows your mind. 5th graders can easily look 13. 13 year olds can easily look 16. What happened? They grew up too fast because no one was pacing them.

For example - don't hand them a beer when they're seven because you think that's better than letting them discover alcohol on their own later and abuse it! I actually know men who say they want to drink a beer with their kid for the first time on the front porch so the lure of the "forbidden" won't be there for the child later....!!! Is that really a good alternative? Whatever happened to simply sitting down and TALKING about alcohol (or drugs or sex or whatever else) and having discussions about the pros and cons of getting involved in such a vice? Many parents today seem to be afraid or embarassed of these topics to address them. I'm sure it can't be easy to do, but is it worth it? To me, 100 times yes!

I realize I am not an actual mother yet (won't be 'til July when this little one makes its debut appearance) and some of you might think "sure, it's easy for her to talk this way, but wait until the pressure is on. She'll cave like the rest of us, and her kid will be just like everyone else".

Maybe so. Maybe I will get tired of being the "bad guy" at times and holding my child to my convictions. Maybe homeschooling won't work out, maybe we won't be able to afford it or maybe I won't have the patience or time. Maybe raising my child in the church will make them resent the house of God later. Maybe keeping the peace will become more important than my child's emotional and mental and spiritual development. Maybe I'll lose my temper and blow up and be a horrible example to my children.

But you know what? Maybe not. And I'm trusting God to make up that difference.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Review of my novel!

There is a review (a nice one! yay!) posted today on The Long & Short Of It Blog Reviews site.
Here is the link - check it out!!
PS - if you leave a comment, you get signed up to win a free copy of Midnight Angel.
Thanks for celebrating with me. =)

The most helpful writer's guide yet...

The essential reference tool for the Christian writer, Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide is now in its 23rd annual edition!
Check out the section on Blogging on page 69...the CFBA is listed!

Writers’ Conference listings, Book Publishers, Magazine Publishers, and a Bookstore filled with the resources you need to be successful in this business. Get a Book Contract or Manuscript Evaluation, and check out the Writer’s Resource links. This book has all you need to connect to all these valuable helps for the beginning, intermediate, or professional writer.

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A new, updated version of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide is available about January 15 each year.

Sally Stuart has been writing for the last 40+ years, and has been putting out the annual "Christian Writers' Market Guide" for the last 23 years. Her other writing includes several Christian education resources books, a children's picture book, a basic writing text, writing resources, and a western novel--plus hundreds of articles and marketing columns. She writes marketing columns for the "Christian Communicator," "Advanced Christian Writer," and the Oregon Christian Writers' Newsletter. She speaks and teaches at Christian Writers' Conferences nationwide. Sally is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 8. She and her husband, Norm, spend their free time vacationing on the Oregon coast.
Don't miss this must-have book! Buy it here!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

I took off from work Monday & Tuesday to enjoy some good ol' vacation time at home. I refused to do laundry, refused to vacuum, refused to wash dishes - instead, I slept late each morning, treated myself to the pregnancy massage Hubby bought me as a Christmas gift, took naps, read, worked on my newest novel, and visited my local library.

The library visit was extra fun, for multiple reasons. Ever since donating a copy of my published work, Midnight Angel, to my local branch, I've been waiting for it to hit the shelves - this was LAST JANUARY. Every month, I've faithfully checked the computer system, hoping it would have been processed and, better yet - checked out! =) I finally asked about the delay and they explained that donated books go to the downtown branch to be processed and that donated books aren't priority and can take up to a year to process.

Sigh. I had hopes several months ago when I called to check the status, because the manager recognized my name over the phone and apologized for the wait, even said he was looking forward to having me come in for a signing later because he truly wanted to support local authors. Still no book! Well, this January marks one year, and at yesterday's visit, I logged into the computer and did an author search - and my name popped up!!! My book was processed and was on order for that particular branch. Yay! It was SO COOL seeing my name pop up in the library catalogue under author. My book has been out in print for a year but that was one of my favorite moments of the entire process thus far - the chillbump kind! =)

After that discovery, still glowing, I wandered over to the kid's section to stroll down memory lane. I became completely nostalic as I walked the aisles, fingertips trailing over the hard covers of my favorite childhood books - the "Betsy" books, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, some individual horse titles. I found my soft-cover favorites as well - the Babysitters Club, Saddle Club, the "Mandy" books, etc. I then found the Newberry award section and pulled "From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" off the shelf. The smell of that hardback book I'd read enough times to memorize filled my nostrils and I actually swayed on my feet - that good kind of dizzy that transports you, that makes you feel like somehow you're nine years old again and holding the same copy you held that day, wondering where its been in the years since your last journey together.

I realized then, after thumbing through various copies of my favorite titles, that children's literature was truly golden in the 1960's. I'm not kidding. All the hardback classics, all the kids and Ya books that really touched my soul and made memories in my heart were ALL written in the 1960's! A Wrinkle In Time. From The Mixed-Up Files. Island of the Blue Dolphins. And many more. What was it about that time period that made those books so amazing, so timeless? What did those authors have that we don't today? What is the difference?!?

I plan to find out.

I didn't even care if I looked silly, this almost 24-year-old woman carrying a Newberry children's hardback book to the register to check out. I went home and read the entire thing that afternoon - and you know what? It was just as good as I remembered.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Adventures in Airport Mania

This post isn't really writing related, except that it gave me great ideas for character torture in a book. Though as always, any details from my life would have to go into a chick-lit novel! For example:

My parents have been in Disneyworld the last 8 days. Yes, I was jealous, but that's not the point. My sister and I volunteered to pick them up at the airport last night. Their flight was due in by 7:45-ish. No problem! We planned to grab a bite to eat and then head up to the airport by 7:30. We thought after all the drama my parents had just getting TO Disneyworld (think cancelled flights, extended layovers, and barely-made reservations!) that surely this return flight would be easy-squeezy.

No such luck. They got delayed three times and their arrival estimate changed to 9:30. Okay, fine. We're adaptable. So instead of fast food, we went to a sit-down restaurant, which was actually quite the adventure in itself, since our city had water issues yesterday and was under a boil advisory (no drinking or cooking with tap water without boiling it for 3 minutes first!) You can imagine how that would affect the restaurant industry! No ice machines, no water, no rinsing salads, etc. Several places closed in order to avoid the hassle, but Applebees remained open. We sit down at a booth and the waitress comes up to us. With a straight face, she asks, "Water or beer?"

I burst out laughing. "Are we in Ireland?"

We ordered water (bottled water the manager had bought from Walmart, along with bagged ice) and proceeded with our meal. (which actually turned out to be free because my sister knew the manager and he's a very nice guy. Thanks Ryan!)

We had plenty of time to kill after dinner, so we went shoe shopping (what else would two sisters do, one of whom is pregnant and has sore feet? lol) and then to my house for a moment for caffeine (no lectures on being pregnant and having caffeine, please! I'm fully aware of my limitations and am acting accordingly! Thanks! ) before heading to the airport. We had to take two cars, since my parents had quite the amount of luggage on hand.

Having never flown, I'm not exactly familar with our local airport. I've been multiple times, but not lately, and never driving by myself, so I was confused as to the maze of parking options and such. That's why I decided to follow my sister. We went past security (who had to look in our trunks - and what, I ask, do they expect me to try to sneak into an airport in my trunk??? An immigrent? A bazooka? And IF I had such an urge to do so, would I really put an immigrent or bazooka in my trunk for anyone to find so easily!?!?) and into the curb-side parking by the front doors. Then we realized if we stayed there we couldn't leave our cars, and we'd prefer going inside to wait so we could greet my parents at the terminal and have a more interesting atmosphere while trying to kill 20+ minutes. So I followed my sister out of the space and through the maze of parking options into the long-term parking lot. I raised my eyebrows but kept going. Long term? Weren't we only going to be there for maybe half an hour? But Sissy is the expect, not me, so on we drive. Then she stops and motions for me to pull up beside her and roll down my window. "Oops. I meant to go in the other lot." Wouldn't have been a big deal if we hadn't had just pulled a time-stamped ticket we'd have to pay when we left! So we decided to exit the airport and go right back in and explain to the nice security guard how blonde we are, and see if they'd excuse the ticket and let us try again. Heading there, though, my sister found a way into the short term lot and manuevered us in. Finally! We hike the parking lot into the airport, up the escalators, and to the terminal, where several people are already waiting to greet their loved ones - a young man in a military uniform, three gentleman in a group (one in a nice suit, one in jeans and a polo, and one in a T-shirt tucked into his windpants) and a woman sitting alone with really cute boots, listening to an IPod.

9:10. Okay, good. 20 minutes, and we'd be out of there.

We hustle to the mounted monitors that tell which flights are arriving at which time, and scan the rows for my parents Delta flight from Atlanta. Nothing. No Delta, no Atlanta, anywhere. We head to the other monitor on the other side of the terminal, which is the exact same info. We stand and stare, even though the info isn't changing. I say "Maybe its a touch screen..." (it wasn't.)

We sit back down, much to the amusement of the 3 gentlemen across from us, and pretend we know what we're doing. Then my sister looks down and sees a credit card at her feet. A debit card for Paige Shultz. "Uh oh!" She picks it up. "Someone is going to be missing this." I point to the older man sitting by the terminal gate, wearing a bright orange security vest. "Give it to him." She hands the card to me with a sheepish I don't want to smile. Fine. I take the card and start marching toward the guard. He sees me coming, and no joke, without a smile or a flicker of an eyebrow or ANY warning whatsoever, he jumps up from his chair (pretty quickly for such an old man, by the way) and holds out both hands in front of him, yelling "WHOA THERE, little lady!"

I stop, wondering who the little lady is (certainly not me! pregnant and feeling a little large!) and then wonder why he's talking like John Wayne. I looked behind me. No one but my sister with wide eyes several yards away, and no sign of a horse named Duke or Trigger. I turn back around and hold up the credit card like a peace offering. "We found this, someone left it." He approaches me with all the caution of a hunter stalking a bear and snatches it from my hand. "Okay, I'll see what I can do." He wanders back toward the apparently forbidden section of the terminal (which, really, if its so forbidden for me to step through, should have some sort of visible indicator!) and I go back to my sister, beet red and a little aggravated that he was so rude.

"What did he think I was going to do? Storm the empty terminal with a stolen credit card?" I huff. My sister laughs - no wonder she hadn't wanted to take the card. We check the monitors again. Nothing has changed - still no Delta, no Atlanta, and yes, the trio of men are still laughing at us about the credit card incident. A minute later, an announcement starts on the loudspeaker. We hold our breath, hoping it won't say "Attention please. All Delta flights no longer exist. Have a nice day." (it didn't.)

A few moments later, another announcement begins. "Paige Shultz, please report to the security desk immediately. Paige Shultz, Paige Shultz. Please report to the security desk."

I jump up. "That's her! That's the lady on the credit card!" I'm so excited, thinking woman and plastic are about to be reunited at last.

My sister tugs me back down on the chair. "You dork. The security guard is the one who called it in."

"Oh, yeah." (hey, I'm pregnant. leave me alone. My brain is shrinking)

I glance at the lady with the IPod, oblivious to her surroundings. "Hope that's not Paige."

9:29. We sit and wait, and by now the trio of men are almost giggling at us. We must make quite the show. I notice the military-dressed guy sitting behind us has gotten up to check the monitors again. I ask him if he saw anything by Delta. He had not, but he checked again. (awww!) No Delta. No Atlanta. The plot thickens.

9:30. The security guard in the silly vest shuts and locks the terminal gate!! Then leaves!! We panic, now truly wondering if the plane actually exists. I consider texting my mother and asking her to test the armrest with her finger to make sure her hand didn't slip all the way through the non-tangible material. Then I remember her cell is off, so if the plane doesn't exist, we can't know regardless.

9:35. We're desperate for entertainment. The real Paige Shultz never stood up. Poor woman will be frantic about her card! I say a prayer for her.

9:40. Still no change on the monitors. By now, we're bored and gossiping. "Think that guy in the suit is important?" My sister wonders. I give a critical stare and shake my head. "No, just wants to be. And the guy in the windpants will never be if he doesn't untuck that T-shirt."

9:43. I wonder if the airport chairs would turn into a suitable bed if we're stuck waiting all night for the plane that doesn't exist. (they didn't.)

9:45. The meanie guard returns and raises the gate. A man steps through the terminal. We stand up. Passengers? Our hope flares. Two more people cross through. We join the military guy by the potted fern where we can see better down the terminal. People! Yes! A whole herd! We jump up and down. (yes, literally) There is hope after all. The flight existed, and better yet, it even landed. Our parents round the corner with Disney bags in hand and we wave and beam. They wave and beam. Life is good. Unfortunately, the security guard is still standing on the invisible forbidden zone line, so we can't get any closer. Finally, hugs are in order and I loudly explain to my parents the incompentency of the airport's flight screen monitors and the incident with the credit card, hoping the guard heard every word. (Hey, blame the preggy hormones. I'm feisty, so sue me!) =)

The trio of men find their loved ones. The IPod woman not named Paige reunites with her husband (who shared a very touching moment of reunion, actually. I teared up!) and they walk off with hands in each other's back pockets. Awww.

I look for the military guy, wondering who his woman was. He's gone. Vanished. Poof. I decide he must be really good at the military and wish him well.

After more hugs and catch-up convo, we head down the luggage carosaul, where we snag the suitcases and head out the front doors. I roll the smallest suitcase (bonus of being pregnant! heh heh) Our parents are home. Safe, sound, and with souvenoirs. I'm so relieved, so grateful, so happy, so--I suddenly remember there is one very crucial thing we forgot to mention. "Uh, Daddy - we're going to need cash for the parking tickets." =)

Friday, January 04, 2008

One Word Game!

Being a writer is often difficult. Some struggle with word count, never able to fill the pages with their desired quota. Other authors type on and on, barely able to rein in at the desired quota.

How do you do? Here's a fun game....

You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. (not as easy as you might think!)

1. Where is your cell phone? Purse

2. Your significant other? Hot =)

3. Your hair? brownish

4. Your mother? packing

5. Your father? packing

6. Your favorite thing? Writing

7. Your dream last night? Crazy

8. Your favorite drink? DC

9. Your dream/goal? Published

10. The room you're in? office

11. Your ex? tall

12. Your fear? losing

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? land

14. Where were you last night? Couch

15. What you're not? tan

16. Muffins? blueberry

17. One of your wish list items? Pizza

18. Where you grew up? Louisiana

19. The last thing you did? Write

20. What are you wearing? sweater

21. Your TV? off

22. Your pets? chewing

23. Your computer? on

24. Your life? good

25. Your mood? sleepy

26. Missing someone? nah

27. Your car? blue

28. Something you're not wearing? skirt

29. Favorite Store? Anthropologie

30. Your summer? hot

31. Like someone? hubby

32. Your favorite color? pink

33. When is the last time you laughed? today

34. Last time you cried? yesterday

35. Your favorite animal? horse

36. Last thing you ate? crackers

37. Dream vacation spot? Germany

Wanna play along?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I wanna play! I wanna play!

Hey friends! I found these fun games on Georgiana's blogsite, and thought I'd tag along! =)


1. Each player starts with 5 gifts that they would want for Christmas. (I know Christmas is over, but for those who didn't get what they wanted...) =P

2. People who are "CARDED" need to write their own Blog about their 5 things & post these rules.

3. At the end of your Blog, you need to choose 5 people to get "CARDED" and list their names.

4. Don't forget to leave them a COMMENT telling them they're "CARDED", and to read your Blog.

My Materialistic Gift/Wish List:

1. A book contract from a mainstream publisher!

2. My house to sell! I'm ready to move to our land!

3. More space to house my books and a kitchen big enough for two people to stand in! (which really goes back to my #2 wish!)

4. More shoes.

5. To REALLY believe right now that I'm not fat, I'm pregnant! I'm in that end-of-the-first-trimester-stage of clothes being tight and stomach being pudgy but not really feeling all that pregnant! It'll change, I'm quite sure. But right now....waaahhhh!!!!

My Spiritual Gift/Wish List:

1. The discipline to have more regular, in-depth quiet times and not be afraid to sacrifice sleep!

2. To be a better wife, especially right now while I'm super-moody. =)

3. To have a healthy pregnancy for my sake and the baby's.

4. To be less selfish.

5. To be a good mom when the time comes in July!


If your life was a book, what Genre would it be and why?

Romantic comedy! I'm such a sucker for romance and my hubby does pretty well there =) The comedy because, well - my life is just flat out funny sometimes.

Would it be a stand alone or a series?

Series, for sure! The really lovable kind of series everyone couldn't wait to read next =P

Would the title of your life’s book be?

Irony at its Finest

What’s the spiritual theme of your book?

Letting go and Letting God!

What would your goal be?

To finish the race well, both spiritually and in regards to my husband and soon-to-be-mom status.

Who’s your hero?

Snoopy! Just kidding. My hubby would be my romantic comedy's hero. Funny, spontaneous, rugged, and with just enough face stubble to qualify for YUMMY =)

What’s your conflict?

Mainly my own internal doubts and lack of trust, and desire for control.

Who’s your antagonist?


Where are you in your life’s book? (The beginning, middle, end, have you reached your black moment, are you into your resolution?)

Book #2! The falling in love and marriage part is complete, now its on to the growing family!

Is there a happy ending?

Of course!!!

I'm not tagging anyone, like Georgiana, I just want everyone who wants to play, to play along! Join us, won't you? Leave a comment with your link so everyone can see your answers! =)