Friday, February 27, 2009

City slicker, or country mouse?

City slicker, or country mouse?
I found this quiz today - Are You City or Country? - and thought it relevant to find out, seeing how we moved to the country just last summer.
My results below!

You Are Country

You'll take natural beauty and quiet over the hustle and bustle of the city.You can appreciate the simple things in life, and it doesn't take much for you to feel content.

While you appreciate the many opportunities of the city, you see them as too much of a good thing. You love living a peaceful life. It's important that you can hear yourself think.

I honestly had no idea what my results would be, but after reading them, I believe its right on!! I still enjoy a good shopping trip and shoe spree, or nice restaurant or play like the next girl, but my heart is definitely in the country! (good thing, since we're stuck there now! haha)

Where is yours? =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready for Spring to...Sprung?

Photograph: Chris Radburn/PA
I'm so ready for Spring.
I like Winter, mind you, but after awhile, I'm tired of itchy sweaters, heaters and dry skin. Tired of bulky jackets, static electricity, and foot-cramping boots.
My toes are ready to come out of hibernation! I'm ready for pedicures, bright colors, new growth, green grass, baby animals...bring it on!
March is almost here, and I'm hoping for north Louisiana, anyway, that Spring will ride it's coattails. For example, today the high will be 80 degrees. 80 degrees in February! Weirdly enough, that's pretty common for north LA. Unfortunately, its also pretty common for next week to drop back into the lower 40's. You just never know. North Louisianians can't store away their clothes by seasons. Nope, we truly need our summer, spring, fall and winter wardrobe accessible at all times.
Which is a great excuse to have bigger closets. =)
Today to work I wore gaucho pants, sandals, a bright orange tank, and a cropped denim jacket. I'm fighting the system. Who says you have to wear heavy, dark clothes in the winter? I dress for the WEATHER. Not for the stereotypical month. Because in LA, there is no stereotypical.
I got in the elevator to come up to my office and everyone else was in black and gray suits or big bulky sweaters. Come on, people, branch out. Wear bright colors! Free those toes! (yes, mine are painted so its okay! hehe) Embrace Spring!
I have the sinking feeling the people that need to read this blog don't even know it exists. lol Oh well. I've done my part to brighten America today.
So what is the weather like in your "neck of the woods"? Is Spring on its way, or are you still shoveling driveways and building snowmen? What is your favorite season?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come visit me!

I posted a blog on the topic of LOVE today over at the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog!

Come visit me and maybe pick up a tip or two for amore!
(or share your ideas with us!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That time of the year!

It's the "dreaded" time of the year, the time that makes accountants worldwide cringe and foam at the mouth and makes clueless people like myself shudder and gnash teeth.

That's right. Tax Season.

Dum dum dummmmm......

I despise tax season. Maybe its because I've always been horrible at math. Maybe its because I've never gotten a significant return back. Maybe its because I've often owed money instead. Maybe its because we had a horrible experience with H&R Block one year. Maybe its because the forms give me a headache and the pencil smudges stain my fingers and my brain whirls from lack of numerical use.

Whatever the reason, it's a bummer. And it's time! Last year we filed almost to the deadline and I refuse to do that again this year. Last year we had the excuse - we were moving and pregnant and living with my sister and selling a house and yadda yadda yadda. This year? No excuses. I will break out the Turbo Tax this week and somehow, by the grace of God, figure it out!

This year will be a little more complicated than usual. We've never applied for the "long form" because it was always better to take the automatic thingie deal. (see, I don't even know the right terms! lol) We've always had 2 W2's between me and my hubby, no biggie.

This year, I have 3 W2's, an HSA account tax thingie to pay, 1099's from book sales, etc. PLUS we bought a house, and had a baby - lots of changes!! Maybe they'll turn out to be ones that will actually get us a return! =)

And now I hear something about a house insurance credit or deduction? Oy! So many changes from the economy, too! Any advice from someone who is actually GOOD at filing taxes???? lol Does such a person exist?

Monday, February 23, 2009

What inspires you?

It's Monday morning. The start of another work week, and along with that, I now have the pressure of an all-too-soon deadline hanging over my head!

In a way, it's pretty exciting. Deadlines mean I have a contract, which is cause for celebration right there. =) Plus, I usually work well under pressure, and I've been crazy-early with every other deadline I've had so far with this publisher.

However, I'm eager to get busy and carve out that big dent in this round of revisions so I'll feel a LITTLE more confident as time passes.

When you have a deadline, whether writing related or personal-life related, what inspires you to get busy? What convinces you to take the plunge into the project despite feeling overwhelmed or even helpless at times? What urges you on? Is it the glimpse of the end result? The relieved feeling that you know will come at the end? Or are you naturally a goal oriented person?

For me, I think its keeping my word. I said I would do this in a certain time slot, and I want to hold to that. Also, I've always been a bit of a pleaser - so I would love to continue to impress my editor with early-met deadlines and keep a good reputation in the publishing house!

Do you work well under pressure, or do you cave? What treats help keep you pushing forward? For me, it's a giant box of rainbox Nerds and a ton of Diet Coke. =)

Pray for me during my lunch hour today that I will be productive on my revisions!

Friday, February 20, 2009

And the winner is....


Thanks SO much Deb, for sweetening up the deal by contributing two more books! What a bargain! I hope everyone had fun playing.

And now, the winner of 3 books - OVER THE WATERS, INSIGHT, and OVER THE WATERS new edition with epilogue included

(drumroll please!)


































~ LINDA!!! ~
Please email me at and send me your mailing address. We'll be sure to get you your books ASAP.
Thanks to everyone for playing, and remember, I'll be doing another free book giveaway very soon! =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book giveaway!

I realized yesterday that I have an extra copy of Deb Raney's wonderfully moving novel, OVER THE WATERS. This is beautiful story, one I thoroughly enjoyed (hence why I'm not giving away my only copy. haha)

Deb is one of my favorite authors, a talented teacher, and a super sweet godly woman. So, in today's days of limited cash flow, I thought I could do someone a favor and pass on the wealth of words, and maybe bring Deb a new fan! =)

Here's the blurb for OVER THE WATERS:

As "Dr. Botox" to the bored rich women of Chicago, plastic surgeon Max Jordan was shocked by the decision of his son, Joshua, to focus his medical talent on Haitian orphans. Embittered by Joshua's death, Max searches for resolution in the very place his son called home. The selfless labor of Joshua's coworkers stuns Max. He is particularly taken by American volunteer Valerie Austin, whose dream of a honeymoon on a tropical beach were crushed, replaced by a stint working in the impoverished orphanage. But Valerie's view of Joshua's sacrifice challenges everything Max has lived for. Now Max wonders if he can ever return to his "Max-a-Million" lifestyle, or if the doors to his gilded cage have finally opened.

Sign up to win! I'll do a drawing first thing in the morning and post the winner. One catch - to enter, you have to leave a comment on this blog post, stating which books of Deb's you've read, and which was your favorite. If you haven't read any yet, then tell me why you hope to win this story.

Here's a link to Deb's website. Check out her other titles!

And I'll be checking my bookshelves again soon for any other duplicate book copies that have slipped me by. So stay tuned for more contests! =)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Money, schmoney

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about the crashing economy. Its in every headline, every news article, every magazine cover. Yes, the finanicial system of the world is crashing. We get it. Now tell us something good!

I could really stand some good news. Personally, I've got lots to be grateful and thankful for. But world-wide...come on, people. SOMETHING decent has to be going on, right?

I guess good news just doesn't sell as well as ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT type news does.

So, if we want something done, we must do it ourselves. Please, share something encouraging today. Really dig deep, something beyond "I'm healthy and my family is healthy and we're able to pay our bills." Yes, those things are blessings of God and we should always be appreciative, but let's get creative. Share something interesting, something to get us talking and thinking. What positive thing is happening in your life today?

I'll go first.

1. I have two book contracts with Steeple Hill. The first novel is coming out this summer and it looks like I will have the opportunity to travel and do a booksigning event at the setting of the story in New Orleans. Very exciting!

2. My daughter is slowly but surely learning how to let us leave the room without crying. Yes, this is a big deal. lol She still cries sometimes when we slip from the room to do something but its not every time and its not as dramatic a cry as it was. Yay for growing out of stages!

3. My sister, who was unemployed since before Christmas, finally has a new job. God provided and while she's still having some trouble $-wise (who isn't?) she has a place to work and things will eventually look up from here.

4. We are looking at being able to buy a barbeque grill coming up in the next few weeks. I love grilled food, and its healthy, so this will be exciting for us as a family. Plus, hubby LOVES to grill so, less cooking for me =)

5. In a few weeks I will be attending a local writer's conference here in Louisiana and am very excited about it. I can't wait to see a few friends, learn something new about writing, and network - plus meet the senior editor at my publishing house. Good stuff!

Okay, your turn! Dish! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures in Wally World...

Saturday, I did something pretty stupid. I went grocery shopping. That's right, grocery shopping. At WALMART. With my 7 month old. ON VALENTINES DAY AND THE DAY OF A LOCAL MARDI GRAS PARADE.

I'm nuts.

My mom went with me, thankfully, or I might not have ever returned.

It was a disaster from the beginning. Audrey settled in the front of the buggy (such a big girl now!) with her buggy protective-toy-pad-blanket thing she sits in (what ARE those called? buggy covers?) and played with her toys like a good girl.

Until I pulled out my grocery list.

Audrey wanted to play it with SO bad. I don't let her have paper since right now, everything she touches goes in her mouth and that's just not a good idea with paper, plus it could scratch her gums. She kept fussing (she's trying to understand that the entire world is not her toy. lol) and so I realized it'd be easier to just shop from memory and keep the list in my purse.

It worked for awhile. I remembered my list items, Audrey played with her buggy cover toys, we made good progress despite the growing crowds and the fact that my mom and I were sharing one buggy and trying to keep our items separate from each other to make for an easier check-out time.

We got to the frozen food section and my mom realized she forgot an item further back. I stayed with Audrey and the buggy, and pulled out my list to double check some items. Audrey immediately wanted the list, and since her pacifier was in her mouth, I said "okay, just for a second".

I grabbed a few Lean Cuisines from the freezer section, turned away, Soggy blue clumps of paper everywhere. The pacy was gone, and the list was a drooled mess stuck in pieces to her chin, her hands, her shirt. One big clump was in her mouth and so of course, this new mom panics that she ate it. I snatched it away (and yes, littered blue soggy list on Walmart's floor) and dug my finger around in her mouth until I was certain it was all gone.

Audrey's staring at me like I'm insane while I'm list-fishing but handles it quite well, I must give her props. Probably she knew I couldn't handle anything else at the moment. lol

My mom comes back when the excitement is over, and we laugh about it once I realize its not that big a deal and she's fine. We continue our shopping, wait in a huge check out line. Audrey at this point is ready for her bottle and a new diaper and there is just no good place to do those things, especially in line. I figure as soon as we check out we'll rush to the car, change her diaper in the backseat, and then Mom could feed her while I drove Mom back to her house. (we came in the same car)

We had a plan.

However, we didn't count on the lady at the register accidentally ringing up half of Mom's order with the guy in front of us, and having to separate that out.

We didn't count on getting to my car just as a girl knocked over a full cup of soda, inviting a swarm of bees to hang out by my driver's side door.

We didn't count on my trunk being full of packing boxes from my sister's move (long story there) and having no room to put even my groceries, let alone mine AND my mom's.

We didn't count on the bees growing in number and aggression.

We didn't count on having to stand outside in the middle of the parking lot with full buggies of food, waiting on my dad to come pick us up and give us another vehicle for grocery-loading. (my hubby was at work)

Audrey handled it all like a champ. Her wet diaper and hunger apparently went away for awhile during the chaos, because she stopped complaining and watched the excitement with wide eyes. My mom kept her and the buggies away from the bees while I risked jumping in the car and moving it to the other side of the lot so we could at least load the cold groceries inside and turn on the AC while waiting for my father.

Finally, we got everything sorted out, Audrey and the groceries and my parents all loaded in their prospective cars. Audrey blessedly stayed asleep in her carseat while I unloaded the car, then once the groceries were put away, she got a new diaper, a big bottle, and then we both took a long nap.

While I swore never to go to Walmart with a baby - or bees - again. =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun quiz for your Monday...

It's Monday again! Some people are off work for President's Day, others - like myself - are not. So to cheer up this fine Monday morning, how about a fun little online quiz?
I happened upon this one and thought it appropriate, since emoticons and online slang saturate the internet today. Which are you? Are you an LOL'r or an OMG'r?
What is your internet slang of choice? =)
Take the quiz HERE!

And here are my results...

You Are LOL!

The internet is always cracking you up.

You could waste the day away finding things to laugh at.You're usually the first one to find a new funny video, picture, or website.You're always up for wasting time online, even if (especially if) you're at work.

You also tend to spend a lot of time chatting, especially with people who make you laugh out loud.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stupid cupid.... =)

We all recognize the little winged cherub known as Cupid - the flighty little fellow with heart-tipped arrows that makes people fall in love. A mythical being, his start actually began in Roman mythology, as a lot of holidays tend to originate from.
What's funny is, in mythology history, Cupid wasn't a sweet little fat guy in a diaper, but rather a mischevious, devious little booger who delighted in making crazy, mis-matched matches just to see what would happen. His love bordered on dark love, as some textbooks say.
Well, saucy or sweet, Cupid is a solid figure around Valentine's Day! For all you readers out there, which characters has Cupid targeted that stick in your mind the most? What novels told a love story in a way that stuck with you all this time after reading? For me, one of my favorite love stories is the two stories of two sisters in Boston - Charity & Faith - and their men, written by Julie Lessman.
What are some of your favorite love stories? And remember, this Valentine's Day, lets put away the foundation of mythology as the world celebrates, and instead, focus on the Greatest Love Story of All - as told in the Bible, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Blessings!
Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Big V-Day!

In honor of upcoming Valentines day, I thought I'd post a few web valentines for my so sweet and oh so loyal readers. =)

Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Excellent novel!


This was a great story. As a new mom, reading about this abandoned baby in the woods really tore at my heart! There was one point I had to set down the book during my lunch hour at work and call home to check on my little one! =)
There were a few incidents related to writing that jerked me out of the story a time or two. Not typos or mistakes in the book, just a tighter writing-style that I'm not used to in Colleen's novels. It threw me a time or two, but the plot was fantastic, and of course I kept reading. It was full of twists and turns and mysterious dead bodies, like most of Colleen's novels!! Also like most of Colleen's novels, this one doesn't disappoint! Check it out!


Colleen Coble's thirty novels and novellas have won or finaled in awards ranging from the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA award, the Holt Medallion, the ACFW Book of the Year, the Daphne du Maurier, National Readers' Choice, and the Booksellers Best awards. She writes romantic mysteries because she loves to see justice prevail and love begin with a happy ending. AWARDS:2004 More Than Magic winner for Best Inspirational RomanceWithout a Trace, Thomas Nelson2004 American Christian Fiction Writers Mentor of the Year


The highly anticipated novel that delivers what romantic suspense fans have long awaited-the return to Rock Harbor.
Bree Nichols gets the shock of her life when her husband-presumed dead-reappears.Bree Nichols and her search and rescue dog Samson discover a crying infant in the densely forested woods outside of Rock Harbor, Michigan. Against objections from her husband, Kade, who knows she'll become attached, Bree takes the baby in. Quickly she begins a search for the mother-presumably the woman reported missing just days earlier.While teams scour the forests, Bree ferrets out clues about the missing woman. But she soon discovers something more shocking: Bree's former husband-long presumed dead in a plane crash-resurfaces. Is he really who he says he is? And should she trust him again after all these years?An engaging, romantic suspense novel from critically-acclaimed author Colleen Coble.

If you would like to read the first chapter of , go HERE!
To buy the novel for yourself, click HERE!
To learn more about Colleen, email her, or see her other books, click HERE!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything's better in Texas!

Well, maybe not everything, but the food was certainly great, and so was the fellowship!! =)

Hubby and I took a much needed mini-vacation to Spring, TX this past weekend to visit good friends who moved there last year after they got married. We left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday night. My parents kept my daughter, and this was my first weekend away from her. I did pretty good, all things considering. Got a little teary after we dropped her off, but perked up on the road and did fine all weekend, until about noon on Sunday. After church was over and we were eating lunch, I was suddenly just really ready to go home. I hated to leave my friends, we miss them so much, but I was ready to get my daughter back! We had a happy reunion and I took off work Monday to spend the day with her (hence no blog yesterday!)

Here are some pics from our trip!
We went to The Woodlands for dinner Saturday night. These were pics taken downtown.
Above is a pic of me and my friend Laura. Somehow her husband Russ escaped all the pics!! How'd I miss him?? haha.
Funny story - when I woke up at their house Saturday, I realized it was almost 80 degrees outside. When I left LA it was lower 60's so everything I packed was long sleeved or a sweater. Whoops! So we just "had" to go shopping to buy me a new top to wear on our big date night out Saturday. =) I picked up the tank above at Macy's at The Woodlands mall.

The above pics were taken at dinner, at a really fun Irish-pub type restaurant called The Goose's Acre. We all had fish and chips (the chips were some of the best fries I've ever had!) Very fun night. Afterward we got ice cream, then played pool and went back to their house and played Texas Hold 'Em poker. (no betting, just fun) Though I must brag - I beat everyone, including both guys. heheheh.

I picked up Audrey a present at Old Towne Springs, a fun outdoor market/shopping center with lots of boutiques and trendy little stores. I found her a toy picnic basket with stuffed food items inside - a sandwich that velcroed its topping together (lettuce, tomato and cheese!), a jingle bottle of grape soda, a jingly chocolate ice cream cone, and a watermelon that squeaked. All of the food items had smiley faces.

How fun! Audrey LOVED it, as you can tell. The bread was her favorite part. =)

Fun trip! But it's always good to be home. We miss you Laura & Russ! =)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New interview!

Hey friends!

I was interviewed on LOUISIANA SATURDAY A NIGHT, a great blog by Jess Ferguson.

Come check it out =)

Click HERE!

Friday, February 06, 2009

A hilarious, inspiring read!!

This is the second in Lisa's series set in Daily, Texas, and I loved it as much as the first. Her writing is fresh and fun, and often hilarious!! There were several times I actually laughed out loud and hurried back to my email to tell a friend about a certain scene. If you read this, watch out for the goat! =)

Even if you haven't read the first in this series, you'll want to read this. (and then you'll be so hooked, you'll go back and read the first!)


Lisa Wingate lives in central Texas where she is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books.

Her novel, Tending Roses, received dozens of five-star reviews, sold out ten printings for New York publisher, Penguin Putnam, and went on to become a national bestselling book. Tending Roses was a selection of the Readers Club of America, and is currently in its tenth printing. The Tending Roses series continued with Good Hope Road, The Language of Sycamores, Drenched In Light, and A Thousand Voices. In 2003, Lisa’s Texas Hill Country series began with Texas Cooking, and continued with Lone Star CafĂ©, which was awarded a gold medal by RT BOOKCLUB magazine and was hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as “A charmingly nostalgic treat.”

The series concluded with Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner.Lisa is now working on a new set of small-town Texas novels for Bethany House Publishers. The series debuted with Talk of The Town and continued with Word Gets Around. A new series is also underway for Penguin Group NAL, beginning with A Month of Summer (July 2008), and continuing with The Summer Kitchen in July, 2009. Lisa’s works have been featured by the National Reader’s Club of America, AOL Book Picks, Doubleday Book Club, The Literary Guild, American Profiles, and have been chosen for the LORIES best Published Fiction Award.


When Romance Is In the Air, Word Gets Around Lauren Eldridge thought she'd wiped the dust of Daily, Texas, off her boots forever. Screenwriter Nate Heath thought he was out of second chances. Life's never that predictable, though. Cajoled by her father, Lauren is back in town helping train a skittish race horse set to star in a Hollywood film.

But the handsome screenwriter gives her more trouble than the horse. And Nate is realizing there's a spark of magic in the project--and in the eyes of the girl who is so good with horses. Daily, Texas, has a way of offering hope, healing, and a little romance just when folks need it most.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Word Gets Around, go HERE

What people are saying:

"Lisa Wingate writes engaging stories that strike the heart. God has gifted her with a marvelous talent and I, for one, am most grateful."—Debbie Macomber, New York Times #1 bestselling author

To purchase this fun read, click HERE! * To read more about Lisa Wingate, click HERE!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Picture tag!!

TAG! You're it!

I was tagged by Georgiana Daniels for this fun little photo game.

Here are the rules: Go to the fifth photo folder on your computer and then pick the fifth picture you find. After you post the picture, you tag five friends to do the same and blog about it, just like I'm doing now. Then tag 5 others!

Here's my pic! This was taken in the fall of 2007. I was asked to speak for a few minutes at Summer Grove Baptist Church's women's ministry event, since I had a newly published book at the time and the theme of the evening was DINNER & A STORY. It was a great night, but man, I have never been that nervous in my life!! =)

Here are my tags to pass on...have fun!

Lori Chally
Malia Spencer
Michelle Bond
Dineen Miller
Annette Irby

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Come visit me and a few other Steeple Hill Love Inspired Authors over at a fun new blog - CRAFTIE LADIES OF ROMANCE. (click the link)

For Valentines month, we're covering the topics of 1 Corinthians 13 - The Love Chapter.

Today, I blogged on the topic of envy. Check it out! (but watch out for monsters!)
when you're done there, hop on over to the CHRISTIAN FICTION ONLINE MAGAZINE and check out my article on POD publishing, along with a ton of other great tips, testimonies, and advice from other authors.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The L Word...

The year is already passing quickly. Where did January go? Seems like Christmas shouldn't even be over, and yet, Valentines Day will be here soon!

I love Valentines Day. I'm a sucker for it. I was the kid in grade school passing out Snoopy or Carebear valentines to everyone in the class (carefully chooses the generic messages for the bully in the class or the guy I had a crush on to avoid drama. haha). I loved V-Day in elementary school because we got candy and some moms brought cupcakes with pink or red frosting. Everything is hearts, candy, teddy bears, and flowers - what more could a girlie-girl want? =)

The teen years made V-Day a little more difficult. If you didn't have a date, it was hard to watch friends around you receive flowers or chocolates at school. To teens, V-day is everything. I had several friends planning on breaking up wait until after the big day so they wouldn't be "alone"!!

The years off and on throughout school that I homeschooled were easier. My parents would give me and my sister a V-day card and some candy on the big morning, and that always helped ease the "pain" of being single. I plan to do the same for Audrey over the years!

Then you find The One and get serious and get engaged and married, and V-day gets extra romantic because of the love behind it.

Then you get pregnant and find yourself in the middle of moving on V-day, sitting on the floor together eating steaks off paper plates because your furniture has already been put into storage! Yet somehow, that year might have been the most romantic of all! =)

This V-day, my parents will babysit and let Hubby and I go on a quick dinner date. Maybe for more steak. We don't have any big plans but as long as we're together, it'll be perfect.

What are some of your favorite Valentine memories? What are your plans for this year?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl replay!

As we all know, the superbowl was last night, and wow what a game! I have to admit, I usually just watch the superbowl each year for the commercials, but this game actually held my attention. I heard on the radio this morning it was possibly one of the greatest games in history of the NFL. Pretty cool!

If you don't know who won yet, then please stop reading now. =)

* * * * *

* * * * *

We had my parents and my husband's cousin over, and we all watched the game, ate barbeque sandwiches, chips & cheese dip, and strawberry short cake, and took turns playing with Audrey, who is just NOT impressed with football yet. =)

I was rooting for the Steelers the whole time. My hubby was rooting for the Cardinals. He always goes for the underdog, and it would have been neat for them to win since this was their first time EVER to get to the superbowl. Then again, the Steelers, after their win last night, had 6 wins and that is supposedly the most by one team ever in superbowl history. So, still pretty neat!

To me, the last quarter was by far the most interesting. When it looked like the Cardinals were going to pull it off, my hubby started dancing around, quite obnoxiously, singing "IN YOUR FACE". Typical male-sports-chanting, I assume. Then when the Steelers whipped around and made that final touchdown in the remaining few minutes on the clock, my family, of course, had to sing it back at him. haha.

And how about that 100 yard run by the Steelers at the beginning??? This was the first year we found ourselves having to remember to watch the commercials because we were so busy discussing the game after each segment.

About those commercials - wow! Some were ho-hum, some were hysterically funny, and others were simply awkward in mixed company. I hate how sex still sells, a motto apparently knows only too well! That commercial in the courtroom with the "enhancement" talk was ridiculous.

I think my favorite commercial might have been the Budweiser commercial with the two horses in love, and the Budweiser Clydesdale rescuing his woman from the circus (the white horse). That last line was hysterical, coming from the circus worker - "I didn't know Daisy was dating." HAHAHA. So many good ones!!

What was your favorite? =)