Friday, February 13, 2009

Stupid cupid.... =)

We all recognize the little winged cherub known as Cupid - the flighty little fellow with heart-tipped arrows that makes people fall in love. A mythical being, his start actually began in Roman mythology, as a lot of holidays tend to originate from.
What's funny is, in mythology history, Cupid wasn't a sweet little fat guy in a diaper, but rather a mischevious, devious little booger who delighted in making crazy, mis-matched matches just to see what would happen. His love bordered on dark love, as some textbooks say.
Well, saucy or sweet, Cupid is a solid figure around Valentine's Day! For all you readers out there, which characters has Cupid targeted that stick in your mind the most? What novels told a love story in a way that stuck with you all this time after reading? For me, one of my favorite love stories is the two stories of two sisters in Boston - Charity & Faith - and their men, written by Julie Lessman.
What are some of your favorite love stories? And remember, this Valentine's Day, lets put away the foundation of mythology as the world celebrates, and instead, focus on the Greatest Love Story of All - as told in the Bible, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Blessings!
Happy Valentines Day!

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Georgiana said...

On first read I thought you said Cupid was a devious little blogger. HAHA! I'll have to think on the favorite love story. There are lots to choose from.