Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Money, schmoney

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about the crashing economy. Its in every headline, every news article, every magazine cover. Yes, the finanicial system of the world is crashing. We get it. Now tell us something good!

I could really stand some good news. Personally, I've got lots to be grateful and thankful for. But world-wide...come on, people. SOMETHING decent has to be going on, right?

I guess good news just doesn't sell as well as ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT type news does.

So, if we want something done, we must do it ourselves. Please, share something encouraging today. Really dig deep, something beyond "I'm healthy and my family is healthy and we're able to pay our bills." Yes, those things are blessings of God and we should always be appreciative, but let's get creative. Share something interesting, something to get us talking and thinking. What positive thing is happening in your life today?

I'll go first.

1. I have two book contracts with Steeple Hill. The first novel is coming out this summer and it looks like I will have the opportunity to travel and do a booksigning event at the setting of the story in New Orleans. Very exciting!

2. My daughter is slowly but surely learning how to let us leave the room without crying. Yes, this is a big deal. lol She still cries sometimes when we slip from the room to do something but its not every time and its not as dramatic a cry as it was. Yay for growing out of stages!

3. My sister, who was unemployed since before Christmas, finally has a new job. God provided and while she's still having some trouble $-wise (who isn't?) she has a place to work and things will eventually look up from here.

4. We are looking at being able to buy a barbeque grill coming up in the next few weeks. I love grilled food, and its healthy, so this will be exciting for us as a family. Plus, hubby LOVES to grill so, less cooking for me =)

5. In a few weeks I will be attending a local writer's conference here in Louisiana and am very excited about it. I can't wait to see a few friends, learn something new about writing, and network - plus meet the senior editor at my publishing house. Good stuff!

Okay, your turn! Dish! =)


Georgiana said...

OK, rubbing my hands together while I think....

*We compared my husband's sales (he works commission) this year over last, and he's ahead!

*My youngest is potty trained. WOOT WOOT! (That'll save a good $30 a month.)

*My oldest is learning how to drive.

*I'm enjoying the book I'm working on.

*Though I know you said we can't use this, I really am joyful that my family is healthy. =P

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm a day late, but that just means I need to dig a little deeper, right? LOL

1) My oldest daughter is softening. ie. Either I'm not as irritating to her anymore, or she's learned to "deal" with me a more pleasant manner. I suspect the latter, though the Love Dare is helping me see things that I never dared address before.

2) Growing in faith is such a blessing.

3) My girls actually appreciate my newfound love of Christian music.

4) Our Church's budget had a surplus this year. Which means we can help more with struggling missions.

5) Even though I don't have a group of writer friends in close proximity to meet with, the internet helps me keep connected with you all.

Erica Vetsch said...

Yay! Loved your lists, ladies, and I am inspired to write my own.

1. I got editor revisions back on my first novel and YAY! I'm happy about them.

2. Customers continue to come to our business, keeping us fed, clothed, and in books.

3. My children will each play the offeratory at church in the next two weeks. Love that!

4. I have an awesome Bible study group of ladies that meets every other Sunday night.

5. My taxes are done and Uncle Sam owes ME instead of the other way around.

6. Diet Coke. :)

Thanks for the reminder that good stuff is happening in the world today.

Betsy Ann St. Amant said...

Great lists ladies! Thanks!!

Betsy Ann St. Amant said...
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Betsy Ann St. Amant said...
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