Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl replay!

As we all know, the superbowl was last night, and wow what a game! I have to admit, I usually just watch the superbowl each year for the commercials, but this game actually held my attention. I heard on the radio this morning it was possibly one of the greatest games in history of the NFL. Pretty cool!

If you don't know who won yet, then please stop reading now. =)

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We had my parents and my husband's cousin over, and we all watched the game, ate barbeque sandwiches, chips & cheese dip, and strawberry short cake, and took turns playing with Audrey, who is just NOT impressed with football yet. =)

I was rooting for the Steelers the whole time. My hubby was rooting for the Cardinals. He always goes for the underdog, and it would have been neat for them to win since this was their first time EVER to get to the superbowl. Then again, the Steelers, after their win last night, had 6 wins and that is supposedly the most by one team ever in superbowl history. So, still pretty neat!

To me, the last quarter was by far the most interesting. When it looked like the Cardinals were going to pull it off, my hubby started dancing around, quite obnoxiously, singing "IN YOUR FACE". Typical male-sports-chanting, I assume. Then when the Steelers whipped around and made that final touchdown in the remaining few minutes on the clock, my family, of course, had to sing it back at him. haha.

And how about that 100 yard run by the Steelers at the beginning??? This was the first year we found ourselves having to remember to watch the commercials because we were so busy discussing the game after each segment.

About those commercials - wow! Some were ho-hum, some were hysterically funny, and others were simply awkward in mixed company. I hate how sex still sells, a motto apparently knows only too well! That commercial in the courtroom with the "enhancement" talk was ridiculous.

I think my favorite commercial might have been the Budweiser commercial with the two horses in love, and the Budweiser Clydesdale rescuing his woman from the circus (the white horse). That last line was hysterical, coming from the circus worker - "I didn't know Daisy was dating." HAHAHA. So many good ones!!

What was your favorite? =)


Erica Vetsch said...

Wow, what a game. And though I was rooting for the Cardinals a little bit, I didn't mind that the Steelers won. I liked both teams...and since my beloved Kansas City Chiefs were NOWHERE in the league this year, and the Vikings let us down bigtime...well, it didn't matter to me.

Favorite SB Commercials? Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head cracked me up, as did the guy flying out the office window when he suggested no more beer at company meetings. But the one that had me really laughing was the NBC commercial about people's patoots falling off while watching NBC comedies.

Georgiana said...

I'm with BJ on this one =P You should have seen the crowd when the Cardinals pulled ahead. Really wanted them to win, plus Kurt Warner's a good guy. Sigh.

The commercials are fun. But what I really really really love is the Superbowl food. Meatballs, veggie tray, chips and salsa, and a cornucopia of desserts. It'll take me a while to recover from this one.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Definitely the Budweiser in love one! I've always loved their Clydesdale ones, but Daisy outdid the fetch one last night. Probably came really close to the previous Rocky one that's so popular.