Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That time of the year!

It's the "dreaded" time of the year, the time that makes accountants worldwide cringe and foam at the mouth and makes clueless people like myself shudder and gnash teeth.

That's right. Tax Season.

Dum dum dummmmm......

I despise tax season. Maybe its because I've always been horrible at math. Maybe its because I've never gotten a significant return back. Maybe its because I've often owed money instead. Maybe its because we had a horrible experience with H&R Block one year. Maybe its because the forms give me a headache and the pencil smudges stain my fingers and my brain whirls from lack of numerical use.

Whatever the reason, it's a bummer. And it's time! Last year we filed almost to the deadline and I refuse to do that again this year. Last year we had the excuse - we were moving and pregnant and living with my sister and selling a house and yadda yadda yadda. This year? No excuses. I will break out the Turbo Tax this week and somehow, by the grace of God, figure it out!

This year will be a little more complicated than usual. We've never applied for the "long form" because it was always better to take the automatic thingie deal. (see, I don't even know the right terms! lol) We've always had 2 W2's between me and my hubby, no biggie.

This year, I have 3 W2's, an HSA account tax thingie to pay, 1099's from book sales, etc. PLUS we bought a house, and had a baby - lots of changes!! Maybe they'll turn out to be ones that will actually get us a return! =)

And now I hear something about a house insurance credit or deduction? Oy! So many changes from the economy, too! Any advice from someone who is actually GOOD at filing taxes???? lol Does such a person exist?


Linda said...

Taxes are difficult, time-consuming. I do most of the work and then show my husband how I came up with what I came up with. I, too, procrastinate, though. This week, though, I plan to do it!

I have no tax advice. You have way too many things for me. My hard one will be next year.

Georgiana said...

Get an accountant.

HAHA, that's my sage advice. I wouldn't dare do it without a professional, and I don't even have anything complicated. I know you're less likely to get audited too.

However, now that the new head of the IRS has proven he doesn't understand taxes or think it's important to pay, maybe it's not such a big deal =P

Erica Vetsch said...

Yup, an accountant. Fortunately for me, the accountant who does our business taxes also takes care of our personal taxes and does the accounting for our church. Yay!

One cool thing about taxes this year is that I got to write off some expenses against income from writing. Taxes are all done and sent in and we're waiting for the returns.

An accountant...that's the way to go.

Rachel said...

Mine are already done! Nearly 2 weeks ago. Mine are very simple and I'm getting back enough for registration and airfare to conference!!!!!!! I'll be the one with the Newlywed ribbon on my name badge this year.

Next year could be a little complicated though. My last day at work is 5/1, and I'm really not sure how we'll do taxes with me having worked before we get married but not after. May have to take them to an accountant next year.