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And the winner is....drumroll please.....

Audra Elizabeth!
Congrats, Audra!!!
Please notify me through email ( of your mailing address, and I'll get your free copy of Cindy Woodsmall's "When The Morning Comes" sent to you right away!
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Auralia's Colors - by Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet lives in two worlds. By day, he writes about movies at and in notable publications like Christianity Today, Paste, and Image.His adventures in cinema are chronicled in his book Through a Screen Darkly. By night, he composes new stories found in fictional worlds of his own. Living in Shoreline, Washington, with his wife, Anne, a poet, he is a senior staff writer for Response Magazine at Seattle Pacific University.Auralia’s Colors is his first novel. He is now hard at work on many new stories, including three more strands of The Auralia Thread.


As a baby, she was found in a footprint.As a girl, she was raised by thieves in a wilderness where savages lurk.As a young woman, she will risk her life to save the world with the only secret she knows.When thieves find an abandoned child lying in a monster’s footprint, they have no idea that their wilderness discovery will change the course of history.Cloaked in mystery, Auralia grows up among criminals outside the walls of House Abascar, where vicious beastmen lurk in shadow. There, she discovers an unsettling–and forbidden–talent for crafting colors that enchant all who behold them, including Abascar’s hard-hearted king, an exiled wizard, and a prince who keeps dangerous secrets.Auralia’s gift opens doors from the palace to the dungeons, setting the stage for violent and miraculous change in the great houses of the Expanse.Auralia’s Colors weaves literary fantasy together with poetic prose, a suspenseful plot, adrenaline-rush action, and unpredictable characters sure to enthrall ambitious imaginations.

Visit the Website especially created for the book, Auralia's Colors. On the site, you can read the first chapter and listen to jeffrey's introduction of the book, plus a lit more!


"Film critic and author Overstreet (Through a Screen Darkly) offers a powerful myth for his first foray into fiction. Overstreet’s writing is precise and beautiful, and the story is masterfully told. Readers will be hungry for the next installment."--Publishers Weekly

“Through word, image, and color Jeffrey Overstreet has crafted a work of art. From first to final page this original fantasy is sure to draw readers in. Auralia's Colors sparkles.”-–Janet Lee Carey, award-winning author of The Beast ofNoor and Dragon's Keep

“Jeffrey Overstreet’s first fantasy, Auralia’s Colors, and its heroine’s cloak of wonders take their power from a vision of art that is auroral, looking to the return of beauty, and that intends to restore spirit and and mystery to the world. The book achieves its ends by the creation of a rich, complex universe and a series of dramatic, explosive events.”-–Marly Youmans, author of Ingledove and TheCurse of the Raven Mocker


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A rich new series...

When the Morning Comes

Her relationship with former fiancé Paul Waddell in tatters, Hannah Lapp has fled her home in hopes of finding refuge with another Amish outcast, her shunned Aunt Zabeth in Ohio.

Hampered by limited education and hiding her true identity, Hannah struggles to understand the confusing world of the Englischers and embrace unfamiliar freedoms, but a deepening friendship with the handsome Martin Palmer renews her courage to face the future.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s absence and the distressing events that led to her disappearance create turmoil among her loved ones in Owl’s Perch, Pennsylvania . Her father stubbornly refuses to search for her or to acknowledge increasing signs of instability in daughter Sarah, who suffers secret guilt over her sister’s ruined reputation. Fiancé Paul Waddell is wracked with regret over his betrayal of Hannah’s trust and is concerned with her whereabouts. He befriends Hannah’s remaining allies—brother Luke, best friend Mary, and loyal Matthew Esh—trying to convince them to help search for his love.

Rich with authentic details of Amish community and powerful in its theme of hope beyond measure, When the Morning Comes succeeds as a compelling follow-up to Cindy Woodsmall’s best-selling debut novel, When the Heart the Cries.

Author Bio:

Cindy Woodsmall is an author, wife, and mother of three sons. Her first novel released in 2006 to much acclaim, including a Reviewer’s Choice Award from the Road to Romance website, and became a CBA bestseller. Her real-life connections with Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish families enrich her novels with authenticity. Cindy lives in Georgia with her husband and the youngest of their three sons.

Purchase this amazing new series now! Click here! =)
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Pride and Pregnancy...

As most of you know, I'm officially pregnant! (and quite excited, though naturally also quite nervous!) I'm in my sixth week or so (I will get an official count and due date at the doctor next week!) and alternating between feeling great and feeling completely miserable! (sometimes all within the span of a single minute - I kid you not.) Add a couple of well-timed aches, a shortage of Diet Coke, mood swings, and trying not to fall asleep 24/7, my word count is, well...down.

I understand that I need rest, and trust me, I'm getting it! lol But any ideas from those who have been there? From those who understand how my concentration is half of what it used to be and my mind wanders like a puppy after being spun on a hardwood floor? (and usually it wanders straight over to a pregnancy website or some other wealth of - too much! - knowledge!)

Help! I don't want to not write for the next 8 months. I never thought this would be problem - me, the woman whose WIPs tend to never end!! lol I usually have a problem with too much word count than not enough. Procrastination has become my newest, most unwelcome attachment. Does this concentration thing get better or worse as the weeks pass? I'm hacking at my WIP here and there, but its literally mere words every few minutes, or mere words every few hours! At least its something, I suppose.

My perfectionist streak has also kicked in with a vengenance, and wow - its not pretty!! lol Crit partners, beware! =)

My baby better love to read, that's all I can say =P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Splitting Harriet! By Tamara Leigh

Summary: Preacher’s kid and prodigal Harriet Bisset returned to her church and her family in Franklin , Tennessee , seven years ago. Once the proud owner of two tattoos and a nose ring, Harri is now addicted to Jelly Bellys in lieu of hangovers and Bible verses in lieu of foul language.

The good news is that she has everything under control: a part-time position as director of women’s ministry, a church family that adores her, a rent-free home in a senior mobile home park, and the possibility of owning the café where she waitresses. Nothing could tempt Harri to return to her old ways. Nothing but a 1298 cc, liquid-cooled, sixteen-valve, in-line four-cylinder motorcycle—and the church consultant riding it.

Reformed rebel Maddox McCray’s arrival at First Grace spells C-H-A-N-G-E for the dying church. And it just might mean change for Harri when Maddox sets out to convince her that even Christians are allowed to have fun.

The story of a prodigal daughter’s transformation, Splitting Harriet reminds readers of God’s delight in forgiving, loving, and enjoying the ride.

Author Bio: Tamara Leigh’s first novel, Warrior Bride, was published in 1994 and was followed by six more bestselling, award-winning historical romances for Bantam, HarperCollins, and Dorchester . Leigh’s inspirational chick lit debut, Stealing Adda, was published in 2006 to great critical acclaim. Leigh has also written for Romantic Times magazine and been a guest speaker for WaldenBooks’s corporate conference. Leigh lives outside of Nashville , Tennessee , with her husband and two sons and enjoys time with her family, volunteer work, faux painting, and reading.

Buy your copy of this fun read here!
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I've been tagged again! =)


Georgiana tagged me with the TWO TAG--it's a fun one!

Two names you go by: Betsy, Bets

Two things you are wearing right now: aqua-blue cardigan and a fun silver bracelet

Two of your favorite things to do: WRITE and READ

Two things you want very badly at the moment: To finish writing the new book I started a few days ago and world peace....oh wait, this isn't a beauty pageant. =P My second would be...the peanut butter cracks I'm trying to not eat until 11:00 a.m. lol

Two favorite pets you have/had: My horse, Bo - don't have him anymore, we sold him when I was younger but he was a paint gelding and such a sweetie - like a giant puppy!! And of course my current 100 lb black lab genius, Samson. =)

Two people who will fill this out: Hmmm, now that Georgiana, Kaye and Erica have already been tagged...I'm tagging LORI and KEISHA!!!

Two people you last talked to: Hubby and Mother

Two longest trips you've been on: cruise to Mexico last February and a 2 week Colorado trip when I was a little girl.

Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Easter. I love celebrating Jesus' milestones! =)

Two favorite beverages: DIET COKE and bottled water =)

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The winners of the three FREE copies of Rene's "Boo, Humbug!" Christmas novel are...

Katie Hart

Lori Chally

Brenda Nixon

Congrats, ladies!!
Thanks to all who participated!!

Winners, please email me at with your mailing address!

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Fine Feathered Lessons...

Last weekend my family and I spent the day together at the zoo--a seemingly innocent event that led to an inspiration and an article for Crosswalk. The below article of mine appears today on!

Here's the link, and be sure to view other Crosswalk articles while you're there!

God Provides Exit Signs

Lions and tigers and—birds? Oh my!

My husband, parents, sister and I recently took a family trip to the zoo. We loaded up on caffeine, drove about two hours to a nearby small town, and paid the fee to wander around the park and view a few of God’s most creative creations.

I was ecstatic from the moment we reached the ticket booth. A homemade sign announced they were feeding the penguins at two p.m. I hadn’t realized this particular zoo had penguins (my favorite animal!) so I was jumping up and down like a preschooler being offered a giant rainbow-swirled lollipop. Then I checked my watch—almost two hours until feeding time.

No problem, we’d do that last. We began our trek down the walking trails, kicking leaves as we meandered past the buffalos, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, elephants, warthogs and anteaters. We snapped pictures of the animals and each other, crunched acorns under our feet, laughed and teased, and had a wonderful time.

It was nearing two o’clock, so we decided to bypass the bird exhibit and go check out my fine tuxedo-ed pals. But my father insisted we view the brand new bird walk-about first, stating his desire to “see everything” and “miss nothing.” Father knows best (and there was time before the penguin feeding) so we dutifully followed him toward a bright yellow and green building, walled by wire like you’d see on a cage. I figured the bird walk-about was like any other zoo building, such as the snake room, where you viewed God’s handiwork from the other side of several inches of thick, possibly bulletproof (certainly anaconda-proof) glass.

Oh no. I opened the caged door (which, really, should have been my first clue) walked inside, and froze. Literally. My husband smacked into the back of me. My sister cringed.

Birds. Like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie-gone-bad. Flying everywhere, freely, amidst dozens of other brave (or stupid?) zoo patrons. They’d land on branches of trees, on people’s shoulders. They’d circle overheard, perch on the ruts in the walls, cling to the wire on the ceiling. One woman held a bird on her finger while her child looked on with delight and awe.
My first thought, as I viewed the flying terrors soaring willy-nilly over our heads, I voiced without censor. “What if I get pooped on?”

My father laughed. My husband smirked. Only my sister looked as if she understood and shared the same concern.

We had yet to venture farther into this feathered house of horror. My dad suddenly says, “Hey, cool—look”! At that exact moment, I see my sister duck, hands thrown over her head, into a vertical version of the fetal position. I screamed. I didn’t want to look at what my dad thought I should, rather, I wanted out.

This desire was confirmed when a zoo worker, wielding a broom, stepped into the cage-room. “Sam!” She yelled at a particularly large, squawking white bird who appeared as if he’d sincerely enjoy the taste of human flesh. She shook the broom. They squared off.

Time. To. Go.

I whirled around to leave. Big sign on the inside of the doors where I entered the cage—NO EXIT. I gulped, as the room closed in, and spun around again. This time I whacked into a child knee-high who was apparently quite oblivious to the danger around him.

I started yelling cautions, as if one would when rushing a pregnant woman through the hospital.
“Panicked adult needs to leave!” I rushed for the exit on the other side of the now seemingly endless room. Small children were bouncing off my knees as I forged a path through the chaos, my sister on my heels. I heard the laughter of my family behind me as I blazed my purposed trail, but I didn’t care. Freedom lay just on the other side of the yellow caged doors, and it would be mine.

Then - my sister and I stumbled out into the World of Humans. We dusted ourselves off, shaking, trembling. I bent over so she could view the top of my hat and make sure I hadn’t been pooped on unaware. Then, almost simultaneously, we replayed the last forty five seconds in our minds and how we must have looked -- and burst into laughter. The hysterical, doubled-over, crying, can’t breathe type of laughter.

The rest of the family emerged, unscathed, from the clutches of the Bird Walk-about, looking as if they’re trying to decide if they want to know us or not.

But it doesn’t matter. I knew the truth—those birds were out to get me.

Later, as I dwelt on the situation, wanting to both laugh and cry, I realized something. Sometimes, the events, locations or objects that seem the most interesting are the ones most likely to hurt us. The zoo hadn’t done anything wrong by offering the bird walk-about; the concept itself wasn’t a problem. Several people, even kids, were having a blast. But it was wrong for me, an unsuspecting bird-phobic, to go in there and expect to have a good time. I stepped inside and saw the danger, not the potential fun. I immediately started searching for an exit while the majority of those around me started searching for entertainment, a way to join in the chaos.

The bird walk-about, with its brightly colored exterior walls and friendly wooden signs, boasted something unique, something fresh, something new. It beckoned the average patron and lured them inside unsuspecting. Once inside, most patrons would do exactly as the majority did—yell “cool!” and join the fun.

Now obviously there’s nothing sinful about the bird walk-about, but work with me a moment for the sake of symbolism. What if that bird walk-about was a bar? A nightclub? A strip-joint? If you were brought inside such a location unaware, what would you do? Grab a beer and join the party? Or immediately start searching for your way out?

Even when we as Christians get ourselves into the most terrifying of situations, God provides a way out. He posts exit doors with giant black markered-signs, showing us the way to freedom, to light, to truth. The path to them might not seem easy—there might be several laughing children, women with brooms, and giant birds with attitudes in your way, but that escape is there if you choose to take it.

What is your stand today? Are you inside the walk-about, wondering how to react? Are you uncomfortable in the chaos, or desensitized and unafraid of the danger, invisible as it may be to everyone else? Or are you standing on the other side of the exit doors, relieved and grateful that God showed you the way out of destruction?

After leaving the walk-about, my family and I hurried across the grounds to watch the penguins enjoy their late lunch. Slick feathered, happy, always dressed in their best—and unable to fly. Now that’s my kind of bird.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12: 2)

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Celebrity Look-Alikes!!

Hey, why not? Its fun! =) Click on the picture to play!

(And check out Georgiana's blog to see her look-alike!)

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Interview with Miralee Ferrell!

Author Bio:

I'm over 50, married for 35 years this July, and have two grown children, Marnee and Steven. I'm active at our small church, serving on staff with my ministerial license and working with women in a counseling/ministering capacity. My husband and I are looking forward to full retirement soon and taking off for a few months at a time on our 51' sailboat, where my writing will take on an entirely new creativity. We have a horse, a dog and two cats that my daughter and her husband will care for while we're gone. Thankfully, they live on the adjoining property and are animals lovers.

Interview with Miralee!

Hey Miralee! It's great to have you with us. Tell me, how did you come up with this particular story? Was there a specific 'what if' moment?

An editor friend and I were brainstorming about what I could do for my first book, and she suggested using something I knew, possibly from my own life. That triggered the idea of using an episode from me and my hubby’s personal life—we received a letter from an 18 yr old girl a number of years ago, claiming to be my husband’s daughter. After investigating and meeting Trisha, we accepted her into our lives and hearts, and have continued a relationship with her.

Whoa, what a story! So what was your reaction to the news that your very first novel had been purchased?

Stunned and a bit worried at first. I know that sounds strange and I should’ve been bouncing around the house, but my first thought was, Oh no! They read the old version and I’ve made all these changes! What if they don’t like what I’ve done and want to keep the old one? I knew the new version was much stronger, as did the editor I’d been working with on the first 1/3 of the book, so I prayed and my agent asked Dennis, my soon to be publisher, if they’d take a look at the changes. They did, they liked what they saw, and the offer extended to the new book. THEN reality set in and the explosion of joy and incredulity hit me. It took several weeks before I really took in that it was sold.

Wow, that's fantastic! How exciting. Tell us about your agent.

Tamela Hancock-Murray from the Hartline Literary Agency. The Lord put us together and I feel tremendously blessed to have her for my agent. She’s been a joy to work with and goes the extra mile in working for me.

As a new client with Tamela myself, I wholeheartedly agree! =) Any advice for those still dreaming of that first sale?

I know what I wish I would’ve had, when I started out. Critique partners…they are invaluable. I didn’t belong to a group until well into the writing of the second book in my series. Through ACFW I was able to get connected and our small group of four is a perfect fit for each of us.
Don’t be too shy to ask for help and don’t be too proud to take constructive criticism of your work, when it’s offered. You don’t have to change everything that’s suggested, but if more than one person points out something wrong, take it seriously and be willing to learn. And most of all, don’t give up. If you believe that God has given you the gift or desire to write, then be obedient, even if it’s never published.

Any fun things happening right now, while your book is releasing?

Yes! I’m so excited! I received a Four Star review from Romantic Times Review Magazine. I assumed that Five Stars would be the top rating, but I was so blessed when I found out Four and a half was the best you could get, making Four Stars quite good indeed. I’ve also gotten some very good reviews, including a glowing one from Novel Journey, one of the top Christian review blogs. I also have a major motion picture company considering it as a potential family movie. It’s in a holding pattern with them right now, until the agent making the decision is freed from several large projects she’s working on.

What else are you working on?
Inquiring minds want to know... =)

I’m working on Past Shadows, the sequel to The Other Daughter, and plan to turn in to my editor in mid November. I’ve also started something new for me, an 1880’s novel set in Washington state…I’m hesitating to say it’s a romance, but it looks like it might be heading that direction. I’m playing around with another idea for a stand-alone women’s contemporary with an unusual twist. I’m hoping to start it as soon as Past Shadows is finished. There could also be a #3 and 4 in this series, and if so, we’ll continue on with the characters we meet in #2, then return to Brianna, the 13 yr old girl who arrives at the Carson’s door…at the age of 23.

Sounds great! Wow. So, how much marketing do you do? What have you found really works for you?

I’m one of those rarities in the writing world who actually enjoys the marketing part of writing. A lot of authors I know prefer to hole up in their office and write and not mess with promotion and marketing…not me. I love it. In fact, I probably spend too much time on it, and not enough on writing. Currently, I have a blog, web site, ShoutLife profile and moderate a marriage group there, as my book deals with marriage issues, a My Space site, a 60 second book trailer on God Tube and My Tube, an email campaign, free book drawings, and try to stay active on a couple different writer’s groups. I also keep in touch with about 300 people who’ve signed my guest book on my web site, and offered to help with marketing. Those people have been amazing in passing along the word to their friends. I decided I didn’t want to put out the money to have someone else put a blog tour together, so jumped in and made that happen, too. I can tell you one thing, there’s not enough hours in a day for writing, marketing, husbands, houses, animals, friends, church and all the other things I’m supposed to be doing…but thankfully, I’ve not been kicked out of church, my family and husband haven’t disowned me, and my house isn’t falling down around my ears… yet, LOL!

Tell us how much time do you devote to writing on a daily basis?

I always cringe when someone asks this question!! I know writers are supposed to write EVERY DAY....but I just can't. My life is pretty crazy most of the time. We spent the last full year building a new home, with the final four months mostly on our shoulders, as we did almost all of the interior finish work and it's a custom home. Since we moved in, we've been trying to get a yard and flower beds in, get a son married off, attended ACFW conference....the list goes on. When I do write, I make it count. I normally write 1,500 to 3,000 words in a sitting, sometimes more. But much of my time is spent on other types of writing...the promotional part, which eats a lot of my time at the computer.

What have you learned throughout the process of writing, pitching - and now, promoting - a novel?

I didn't come down the usual path that many writer's come....I started writing Christian fiction just two years ago, when I started The Other Daughter, and didn't belong to any writer's groups, hadn't read a single writing book, didn't have a crit partner, and only had my sister and one other gal who's an editor of E-books, that helped keep me on the path. They both had experience in editing and pointed out many of the mistakes I made...common ones such as Point of View and telling the reader what was happening rather than showing.

Marketing on the other hand, is a joy and very easy for me, as I worked in sales much of my adult life before starting to write. I spend anywhere from 2-4 hrs per day on the computer with marketing...not every day or every month, but that's been the average per day since about two months ago when I began to push hard on marketing The Other Daughter.

What have I learned? That other Christian writer's are some of the most unselfish, caring, giving people on the face of the earth. Instead of competing and trying to cut one another off at the knees, they practically break their necks to help.

I've also learned that if you're not giving God the glory and asking Him to keep your priorities straight, writing will become an albatross around your neck instead of the joyful journey He means it to be. HE is the one who has brought me success in my book by acquiring an agent, then a contract, so quickly, I can claim no credit for that. I've written a summary of my entire journey from start to contract on my website....HE is an amazing God and I write for Him. If I wrote for myself or for the readers, I'd probably have given up by now.

That's very inspiring, Miralee. So, with The Other Daughter, what were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?

The most difficult parts were the revising. I didn't really experience any struggles in the initial flew from my fingers and mind onto the computer screen as fast as I was able to type. I did the initial rough draft in five weeks, but the revising and editing and additional scenes took several times that long, as I had so much to learn. I found it difficult to tone down a couple of people who needed to be rude and or snotty, but also had to do so in a believable way. My first attempt was very sad....they were straight out of a Grade B movie, LOL!

Okay, here's a biggie - how do rejections make you feel and what do you do to overcome the blows?

I was sooo new to this that I was honestly shocked it even made it to a publishers desk. I’d only been writing fiction for a year when I signed with my agent, and had started writing non-fiction just six months prior to that….so rejection didn’t hit me very hard. I think I was more surprised when the book was accepted, as I’d heard so many stories of excellent books that took years to find a publisher.

Thanks for visiting us today, Miralee! I pray your book finds much success!

Read the entire opening scene at Miralee's web site:

The Other Daughter is releasing October 2007! Look for it in stores near you, or order from or

Don't forget to leave a comment to this blog and be entered in the drawing to win a free copy of "The Other Daughter"!

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BLOG TOUR! "The Other Daughter" by Miralee Ferrell

The girl standing at the door took a deep breath, pulling her suitcase a little closer to her trembling legs. "My mama's dead. He's my daddy."Susanne Carson knew that she could trust the love of her life—her husband, David—until she discovered a strange, unkempt young girl on their doorstep, claiming to be David's daughter.Not that their marriage had ever been perfect—David's decision to embrace the Christian faith had strained their relationship. Susanne may not have agreed with his beliefs, but at least she trusted him. Had David been hiding this not-so-little secret from his past? He wanted Susanne to believe in his God, but believing hadn't done much to keep David out of another woman's arms.As David confronts the truth of his past, Susanne must face her own moment of truth as her marriage is taken to the breaking point and the life of one young girl is left in her hands.

Read the entire opening scene at Miralee's web site:

The Other Daughter is releasing October 2007! Look for it in stores near you, or order from or

PLUS...leave a comment to this blog and be entered in the drawing to win a free copy of "The Other Daughter"!

November Blog Tour!

1st Bonnie Leon---Bonnie's Blog

2nd Jan Parrish---Bold and Free

3rd Tina Helmuth---The Ink's Not Dry

4th Teresa Slack---ShoutLife Blog

5th Pam Meyers---A Writer’s Journey

6th Betsy St. Amant---Betsy Ann's Blog

7th Megan DiMaria---A Prisoner of Hope

8th Christa Allan---CBAllan WordPress

9th Susan Marlow---Suzy Scribbles---Homeschool Blogger

10th Jamie Driggers---Surviving the Chaos

11th Cindy Bauer----Christian Fiction Author & Speaker

12th Angie Breidenbach---God Uses Broken Vessels

13th Patricia Carroll---Patricia PacJac Carroll

14th Toni V. Lee---Spreading Truth Through Fiction

15th Camille Eide---Faith Inspiring Fiction

16th Lisa Jordan---Musings

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Add this book under your tree!!


Readers have come to love the eccentric characters from Skary , Indiana , in Rene Gutteridge’s popular Boo! series. Now, in Boo, Humbug! they’re back – and they’re stirring up a large amount of holiday havoc!

It’s Christmastime in Skary, and the town is planning an original production of A Christmas Carol with a horror spin. As showtime approaches, things go very awry for director Lois Stepaphanopolis. She panics when she discovers that her marketing director loathes Christmas and that the audience has been promised not Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but the real Christmas story. Can the actors pull off the improv of all improvs and convince their community to embrace the true meaning of the Christmas season?

Boo, Humbug! offers readers a delightful glimpse into small town, community life with heartwarming humor and winsome characters. And in the end, the true meaning of Christmas shines out bright and clear, in a decidedly un-Skary way.

My review:

When I first saw that Boo, Humbug! was coming out, I screamed. Literally. Rene's BOO series are one of my favorite series of all time. Not only is Rene a talented author, she's hilarious! Rene brings romantic comedy to an entirely new level of fun. The townsmembers of Skary will live in your heart long after you close the book. They're fresh, real, vibrant...I feel honored to have been a short part of their lives! =)

Boo, Humbug!
was charmingly witty and the perfect wrap-up to a delightful series. I read this book in one evening while curled up on the couch with a blanket, a Diet Coke, and a whole warm case of Christmas fuzzies. If you haven't met Wolfe, Ainsley, Melb, Oliver, Marty, and the whole gang - what in Skary are you waiting for??? =)

Even better - take it a step further, and grace someone's Christmas tree with a whole pile of BOO books...Boo, Boo Who, Boo Hiss, and now, finally - Boo, Humbug!

Author Bio:

Rene Gutteridge is the author of 10 novels, including the Boo series, the Storm series, The Occupational Hazards series and My Life as a Doormat, a Women of Faith selection for 2006. She has been published over 30 times as a playwright, and holds a degree in screenwriting, graduating magna cum laude from Oklahoma State University . Rene is married to Sean, a musician, and they have two young children. They make their home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma .

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