Friday, August 12, 2011

"I love candy corn!"

That's what my 3 year old just said from behind me as I opened up my computer. She just polished off three candy corns, from a bag Hubby found on display at Walgreens last week. It's never too early for candy corn, right? Though it is definitely making me crave Fall! (though the 108 degree heat is doing that as well)

Who else is ready for Autumn? Schools are back in session or will be in a few days, so it seems like the weather should be easing up. It's just not yet, but eventually...

Any big Fall plans this year? Kids starting school for the first time? A sport? Are you a teacher with a new class? Are you planning on attending the ACFW conference in September? If anything makes you crave Fall, it's that!! I can't WAIT!!!! I missed last year for financial reasons so this year will be even sweeter.

Sort of like candy corn. But better ;)


Brittanie said...

My sister loves Candy Corn and I just like it. I am reading your new book right now and it is really good. :)

Betsy St. Amant said...

YAY! Thanks Brittanie :)