Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Fine Day

I work three days a week at my part-time job, and typically on those days, my mom babysits my Little Miss. Occasionally my husband is off work from his part-time job(s) and he can do it, but sometimes, my mom's part-time job has her come in an extra day that week, meaning my dad then takes off work to babysit since he's the only one out of all of us who gets paid vacation time.

(yes, these past few months have been hectic, to say the least!)

But the good news is, he LOVES it.
See, when Little Miss was, well, little, she wasn't the friendliest to her Papa. He was crushed for months because she just went through a long stage of preferring women to men. It wasn't personal, it was just that she felt most comfortable with me (still does, the little clingy miss!) or her Nana. Now she's branching out, growing up, and getting more comfortable with her family. Papa is officially a Best Friend.
And after the day she had yesterday, wouldn't you be too?
My dad has a Master Plan for babysitting days - nonstop fun. He figures if they're too busy playing all day, she won't notice that Nana and Mama and Da-da aren't around.

Here was yesterday's agenda, give or take a few minutes.

8:05 - Push doll carriage around driveway outside and wave byebye to Mama leaving for work.

8:32 - Get in Papa's truck

8:40 - Munch on Sonic French Toast sticks in carseat (one in each hand, naturally)

8:55 - Enjoy a red Icee from the gas station

9:20 - Feed ducks an entire loaf of bread at the duck pond park

9:40 - Slide on every slide on the playground, more times than anyone could ever count
10:20 - Sweat, sweat sweat and slide some more while finishing melted Icee
10:45 - Cool off at Mammaw and Granddaddy's house and color pictures of apple trees

12:00 - Happy Meal cheeseburger and apples

12:30 - McDonalds ice cream cone

1:00 - Truck ride back home

1:15 - Collapse on blanket on floor and read books and watch cartoons with Papa in sheer exhaustion

Seriously, the world just needs a few more Papa's in it! =) I'm so blessed that my family can help us the way they do...

Here's a pic of them at the park a few weeks ago when I was there too.

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Leslie said...

Too sweet for words! :)