Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Graduation!

It's Graduation Season!

Do you have a loved one graduating this month?
My two cousins both are, one from junior high and another from high school. I'm so proud of them, they've really grown up well and have turned into amazing young adults. I was talking with my mom yesterday and we both freaked out when we realized that my Little Miss will be SIX YEARS OLD when my younger cousin graduates high school in four years. CRAZY!

Is it just me or does time seem to fly faster with each passing year?? Didn't we just have Christmas and now its only six months away? Kinda scary.
We also just attended a party for our dear neighbors across the street, whose oldest daughter is graduating and off to the mission field for the summer. I'm so proud of her too. What a heart for God she has!!

So who do you want to brag on today? Are you in charge of any graduation parties for a family member or friend? What gifts do you tend to give graduates in your family or church circle? Since I didn't go off to college, I didn't need the typical gifts of laundry bags or coins for washing machines, etc. I pretty much just got cash, and hey that worked fine! ;) Other good ideas include devotional books for graduates, fiction novels for the book lover, gift cards to restaurants near their school, or even gift cards to their school bookstore.

Congrats to all 2010 Graduates!

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Leslie said...

My daughter graduates from 6th grade Friday! I can't believe she will be in junior high next year! Time flies very fast. I already have a little gift for her. :)