Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shop til you drop?

So its officially December 10th. Christmas is in roughly two weeks - yikes! Are you ready? Have you finished your shopping yet? I was hung up on a gift for my Pappaw for the longest time, but had a break through last night and am now very pleased with what I ordered for him! Inexpensive but meaningful - whew. I won't post what it is here just in case he reads my blog - hey, you never know. He and my grandma have all my web addresses and are quite computer savvy as of late. =)

Is there a person on your list you are kinda stuck on? Does anyone have any ideas to share for the stereoytpical "hard" people in our lives? (i.e., sometimes buying gifts for the men in our lives is difficult because their toys are too expensive, and really, how many times can you buy someone a tie or wallet before they see a pattern???)

I'm getting out in the cold later with Little Miss - gotta pick up her cough syrup, poor little bunny, and then we're running a few last minute errands for wrapping paper and stocking stuffers - then I think I might be done.


Erica Vetsch said...

:( Hope the Little Miss is feeling better soon.

I feel like I'm caught betwixt and between on the Christmas shopping. I need to get focused and make some lists and see just where I am for stuff this year.

Georgiana said...

You're ahead of me! I haven't purchased one present yet. Gasp!

LOL, men seeing a pattern. Yep--easy to spot in our household.