Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The difference between men and women.

So I've discovered the biggest, most official difference between men and women.

Here it is, as played out in my own house this very morning...

Me, working out for the third morning in a row in our expanded closet to my new P90x dvd, muscles quivering, muttering under my breath and declaring my instructor a monster, while deciding that anyone who can do a one-legged wall squat is an alien, and literally trying not to throw up at my attempt to do a regular wall squat.

Hubby walks in the closet, yawning from just getting out of bed. He tugs on a clean sweater and jeans, and grabs his wallet. He smiles at me, and I glare back, sweat running in rivulets into my eyes.

"Have a good workout, baby." He stretches down to kiss my forehead.

I keep glaring. "Have a good greasy, sugary, syrupy, fattening, yummy breakfast at Whataburger with my dad." I add extra oomph to my next weighted leg lunge.

Apparently the glare in my eyes was enough to X the kiss, because he straightened and quickly backed toward the door. "Guess I better go now."

"Guess ya..." Gasp. Sputter. Moan. "Better."

Yep. That's the difference. He gets to enjoy a calorie laden, fat soaked, delicious breakfast and never think about it again, while I'm still trying to convince last week's Christmas cookies to quit clinging to my burning thighs.

Atleast now I'm extra motivated - motivated to get a six-pack abs just so I can point and say "nyyyah nyyahh nyaahhhh nahhhh", anyway. But whatever works!!!

Have you started your New Years resolution/goals/work-out program yet? I wanted to get a jump start on the New Year and already be immersed in reaching my goals before January 1. Somehow it seemed more motivating that way.

What do you think?


Shelley said...

I haven't started with my goals for New Year's yet. I do want to start exercising and get in shape and lose some weight though. I have an eliptical machine with will help...too cold a lot of days to go out for a walk (at least that's the excuse I'm using, lol).

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, this idea is necessary just by the way