Friday, December 04, 2009

Bye bye, Uncertain!

Thanks for all the supportive comments yesterday, friends! My husband did receive word - he will be laid off by the end of the month...with no severence. Not sure how that's fair or even legal. I guess the city isn't required to offer anything, but you'd think they would under the circumstances.

I was joking yesteday with an old coworker that if we didn't love the Boardwalk so much, we'd boycott shopping in Bossier altogether =)

But the neat, God-thing is my husband has already been given job offers. Not necessarily fireman-related, but if we get to the point of just needing a paycheck, any paycheck, the opportunities are there. It's nice to see how everyone has rallied and cares for us!

Right now, we're in the midst of considering some transfer possibilities to other departments, which we'll know more about in the days to come. Hubby really wants to stay a fireman if the Lord wills. When he got on with Bossier almost two years ago, it was, in our minds, a life-career choice. That hasn't changed! But we'll see what doors God opens.

I posted on Facebook this morning that "there is a lot of Uncertain, but for now the house is quiet, the Christmas tree is glowing, my Bible is open, and its warm and cozy inside. Uncertain, there is simply no room for you in this picture."

And an hour later, even though my daughter is awake, the cartoons are playing, and my Bible is shut for now, nothing has changed. Bye, bye Uncertain! Hello, faith.


Georgiana said...

I love your position of faith! It will be interesting to watch God work in your situation, especially knowing all the people who are praying. I'm CERTAIN that He does have good things planned for you!

Haelie said...

Betsy, I totally understand your situation. God WILL provide and bring you through this in ways you could never plan for yourselves.

Also, another bit of something that may or may not brother (Jody) was a Bossier Fireman (loved doing it) but left it to do a job w/Halliburton thinking it would provide better family-friendly hours and all. Then, he recently couldn't stand not being a fireman anymore and had been trying to either get back on w/Bossier (thankfully he didn't!) or some fire dept. He is now full-time at Greenwood Fire Dept and works for a chief he used to work with and love when he worked for Bossier. I'm not sure if Greenwood has any more openings, but it wouldn't hurt for Brandon to check if he's interested. Let me know if you need a way to get in touch w/Jody or anything at all! :o)

Hang in there, girl! You are an inspiration!

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. It's very encouraging, though, to see that you are both trusting God and putting your faith in Him to take care of your situation.

honesteagurl said...

i am sorry for this turn of events.

and i rejoice with you for the provisions. it is no small thing that he already has job offers.

no small thing at all.

Lori said...

Love you.

Rachel said...

We're FINALLY in the emerging stages from 7 months of unemployment. At least BJ had warning. We didn't get that.

It is amazing how God provided for us through this time, and I know He'll do the same for you! We've still got one more month to get through, but He won't let us down now.