Thursday, December 17, 2009

S is for Shocked

Last night, my husband uttered words he's never before spoken. Words that shook me to my core, words that I'd only dreamed of him saying in our seven plus years of being together...

Words that, basically, made me look like this:

"Hey, baby, why don't you go pick me out a book you'd think I'd like?"

I was wrapping a present at the time, and nearly cut myself on the scissors. My mouth dropped along with the scissors, and I stared. He looked up from where he'd been hanging his jacket. I sputtered. "A book?"


"Like, a fiction novel? Not a devotional or history book?"

"Yeah." He shrugs.

I'm still confused. "You mean, a book - like with words, not pictures?"

"YES." Now he's almost annoyed.

I'm still convinced I'm in another world, but I dutifully go and pick out two fiction novels from my personal library that I think he'd enjoy. Inside, shock is battling pure, unadulturated happiness.

Let me explain. My husband is not a reader, by any means. For example, last night he finished the third book he's ever read by choice in his entire lifetime - a devotional type story for hunters. He read my first novel, Midnight Angel, published by a small press a few years ago, but it took him forever and I think he forced himself. He hasn't read my new Love Inspired stories, and I wouldn't even ask. He is just NOT a reader.

He was dyslexic for awhile in junior high and that totally turned him off reading, understandably. He's got it beat now but he still relates reading to hard work, and when he already works two jobs, well, he's interested in relaxing - tv, video games, hunting, outside projects, flipping through magazines...not books. He reads his Bible as often as he can, but when it comes to fiction, there is just no way. It's not happening.

I'm not sure what inspired this question of his, but I wasn't about to let it pass by. I nearly panicked, thinking "so many do I choose? this is one my shot in time!" but I quickly got it together and gave him Eric Wilson's "Best of Evil" since I knew he'd like the hero, with his tattoos and secrets. Next in his pile if he makes it through Eric's novel is "Leaper" by Geoffrey Wood, which is HILARIOUS. I hope he makes it to that one too!!!!

Is your husband or significant other a reader? Or can you relate to how I felt last night? =)


Eileen Astels Watson said...

That's too funny! My husband is a huge reader, not in romance, but big in every other genre, non-fiction and fiction. Figures I'd write the one genre he doesn't read.

Hannah Nicholls Hough said...

My husband reads like a maniac, but they are all theological books. I don't think he would ever read a novel. Maybe one day when he has more time he might INDULGE. All he ever wants for christmas or birthday is books. lol

Erica Vetsch said...

My DH rarely reads books anymore. As a kid he was a voracious reader (I'm told) but after college, not so much.

He does enjoy Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, and the LOTR books, but that's about it.

Though I have read books aloud to him. Almost all of Dick Francis's novels. :)

Georgiana said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! "You mean a book--like with words, not pictures?" You sound like me and my hubby. I'd be in shock to.

So the answer is no, my hubby does NOT like to read fiction, or any type of book. He'll read the newspaper cover to cover, and of course his Viking Update magazine, but that's it.

wilsonwriter said...

I enjoy fiction mostly, but read theology and non-fiction, too. I used to be a Dick Francis fan myself.

I'm so glad your husband picked up "The Best of Evil." I hope he likes the sequel, "A Shred of Truth." Ask him if he figured out the clue that is literally spelled out through the book.

Always nice to know that a non-reader is reading one of my books. Yeah!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Thanks for chiming in, Eric! I'll definitely pass on the message about the clues. Cool!