Monday, December 14, 2009

A not-so-conservative Baptist...

Have you ever walked across the church parking lot and, through the multi-windowed-wall, seen your topless husband go jogging down the Sunday School hallway through a throng of people?

I have!

Sadly, my first thought wasn't that something was wrong, as it must be to illicit such random, borderline crude behavior, it was instead "Man, I can't take him anywhere."

(if you've met my hubby then you understand! lol)

His bicep tattoos seemed much more vivid than usual as he jogged past our associate pastor and the women's sunday school class. Oy. As I grew closer, not nearly as surprised as I probably should have been, our friend Michael, who was visiting this Sunday, held the door open for me.

"Michael, will you please explain why my husband is topless?"

Sheepish look. "I can't tell you."


Ducks head. "He told me not to tell you."


My mom voice must have been activated, because despite the good nine inches height he has on me, he quickly spilled the beans. "He turned his motorcycle over in the parking lot, and his elbow is bleeding."


Little Miss and I had taken my car to church that morning and Hubby took his motorcycle, because he was supposed to be leaving straight from sunday school to go visit his mom in Alexandria. He had said he would only go if it wasn't raining/wet, which it was, but he didn't want to take his truck because we really didn't need to spend the near $100 of gas money it would cost for a round trip. He really wanted to see his mom, and since it wasn't technically raining, he was going to go ahead and go.

The thought immediately made me nervous, because of the slick roads, so on the way to church I prayed that if he wasn't supposed to go, if something was going to happen, that God would stop him and make it clear.

Hello, flashing red light.

He'd taken the curve around by the gym and the back tire slid out, and the weight of the bike on him cut his elbow up on the pavement, even through his leather jacket. Hubby bandaged up his arm and put on a clean shirt (he'd brought one with him to change once he got there, thankfully, just so his good dress shirt wouldn't be in the elements on the ride there) He attended Sunday School with the intentions of going ahead to Alexandria and getting his arm looked at the hospital where his mom has been the last few days. I told him my prayer and what I'd asked God, and asked him to please think about it before leaving. He did, and after Sunday School, said he'd trust me and stay home. Whew. Miracle!

He went ahead and went to Quickcare after Sunday School and got 6 stitches, just to get it taken care of since the bleeding wouldn't really stop. So I was left to field all the questions and jokes in his absence.

So, our Baptist church got a show this morning, but God also showed up, so that's something. Maybe the talk will die down later...then again, maybe not since I'm now posting all the bloggy details. =)


Georgiana said...

Oh no! LOL! How funny that you weren't even surprised. That's awesome that God showed up. You never know how He'll answer prayer!

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm glad he wasn't hurt any worse, and what a special relationship you two have that he was willing to listen to the Spirit's voice through you.

Anonymous said...
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Leslie said...

Ok first of all I wanna say that I am glad he is ok and that all he needed was a few stitches!

But, I am laughing out of my seat at the image you gave me of him running topless with tattoos at the Baptist Church!!!!! LOL!!!!!

That was great! Glad he was able to shake things up even if he didn't mean to! Some people need a little shaking maybe he gave them a good laugh :)

Christiana said...

Lol! What a sight that must have been!:o)

I'm sorry your hubby was hurt, but glad that it wasn't any worse. It's nice to see a smart man obeying his godly wife's intuitions!