Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Quiz

It's Monday and I'm about to fight the crowds at Walmart in a bit with my 17 month old commandeering the buggy, so I needed a quickie blog today!! But this looks like fun!!

Your Holiday Personality is Outgoing

The holidays give you a chance to stay busy and have fun with your friends. You love each and every holiday activity.You are a truly social creature, and other people make the holidays special for you.Whether you're out caroling, ice skating, partying, or shopping, you love being part of a festive crowd.You are always up for holiday cheer, but you also make sure to take time to help those in need.

What is your Holiday Personality? Take the quiz HERE!


Georgiana said...

That sounds just like you!

Here's mine:

Your Holiday Personality is Caring

Your holidays are all about connecting and sharing. This is a sacred time of year, and you like to spend it with those who are special to you.
You like to make sure everyone around you is comfortable, full of love (and goodies!), and healthy.

You love to surprise people with the best Christmas gifts ever. You will search high and low for that perfect present.
You are always reflecting on the true meaning behind the holidays. You appreciate all that you have been given in this world.

Linda said...

I got the same as Georgiana!

Merry Christmas!