Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday

Today is a busy day! Little Miss and I start a local MOPs group (mothers of preschoolers), which will be interesting, since she is terrified of strangers. It took FOREVER to get her able to stay in the church nursery without me, and that was after she got special treatment from one of the sweet workers - one of my good friends. I have to drop her off in her stroller, and then my friend takes over and wheels her around if necessary, and if not necessary, still gives her plenty of one on one attention.

MOPS will be different, as Little Miss will be one of about 11 or 12 other one-year-olds, with limited workers. Pray I actually get to attend the adult session! lol I hope it works out, I really am looking forward to it, plus I know Little Miss needs this social time with kids her age. Here's hoping!

After that its off to shoe shop for Little Miss (and okay, maybe me too. hehe) and then lunch and nap. THEN...time to start packing! Denver, here we come!! Only two more days....


Lori said...


Edna said...

That is the cutest name you call your baby "little Miss" one of my neices called her baby boy "little Man"

enjoy that baby they grow up so fast.


Georgiana said...

Hope you had a great time! Things will get easier as she gets older, but for now she's just mama's lil' miss :)