Monday, September 07, 2009

Fight Night

Here's some pics from my hubby's big event Friday night, as promised! It was an exciting match, his was definiely more of the interesting ones to watch. It was SO CLOSE. He lost to the policeman, but so many people afterward - even strangers - found him and told him he should have had it, should have won. Not bad for his fight amateur fight!
And more importantly, the fact that there were probably 1200-1500 people there should have raised a good bit of money for the fundraiser. =)
Here's me and Hubby BEFORE the fight. =)

Lining up, firemen in red!

Action shots!!!

In between rounds, getting coached.

Working the crowd!! haha

And the winner is.... (he'll get it next year!!)

He did walk away with a busted ear drum, but that's preferable to the bloody noses and black eyes a lot of other fighters had. It was a really great night, once Hubby's fight was over - and my nerves settled down!! haha. =) Never been that nervous in my life!


TheFancyFritter said...

Oh My! That was my first thought was I bet you were so nervous!! That is fun he participated! I hope the eardrum gets better soon!

Georgiana said...

That's great--you both made it through!