Friday, September 04, 2009

Controlled Chaos

Little Miss isn't feeling good today, so my morning has been spent wiping her nose, cheering her up, distracting her with toys, and washing everyone's hands. Its just a cold, thankfully, mixed in with some severe teething - poor thing - but our wonderful doctor is calling her in a prescription for the congestion and cough, so we get to avoid the doctor's office and not have to risk getting even sicker there. Whew!

Busy morning. I could already use a nap! But I'm working now while she's napping on getting more ACFW conference stuff together. My time is so limited and tonight is the big fight, as in my previous post. I'll try to post this weekend or Monday on how it all went! Stay tuned =)

Have a great weekend!


Edna said...

My first baby turned 47 years old today, it just don't seem it could have been so long ago, when I held that little bundle in my arms.


Georgiana said...

Is she better today? I hope she's well soon!