Friday, September 11, 2009

Conference Draweth Nigh...

"Leaaaaaaving on a jet plane..."


Have I reminded anyone lately of how I have never flown ANYWHERE EVER? A little nervous! But the destination for my flight next week will be well worth the journey - the 2009 annual ACFW Conference in Denver, Colorado!

The American Christian Fiction Writers has been the best thing to ever happen to my writing career. If you're a fiction author or would like to be, please join the ACFW. It's amazing. Networking, online classes, friendships, prayer warriors, and access to agents/editors is the industry is just the beginning of the benefits of being a member! Go here for more info.

Our conference is next Thursday-Sunday, and thankfully, Hubby is going with me. At least with him beside me on the plane I won't find myself leaping into a stranger's lap begging them to hold me. lol Maybe I'll just keep my head between my knees the whole flight and pray to pass out.

Can you tell I'm nervous?

I hope that everyone is right and once I'm on the plane, it'll be fun and a good experience and something I don't dread from now on. Because it looks like the 2010 conference is going to be in Indiana, and well, that's not exactly driving distance from Louisiana either. lol I got lucky the first three years I was a member - Nashville, and Dallas twice. Easy drives. Last year was Minnesota, but I didn't go because of having just had Little Miss.

No more excuses!

So pray for me next week, and also realize that I won't be blogging after Monday or Tuesday for the rest of the week - for great reason! YAY! This is always the highlight of my year and this trip will be extra special because I missed last year. Hope to see many of you there!! (and drink water if you're coming from a low altitude state like me!)

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