Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Three

So Sunday, I decided it was time to count calories again. I haven't gained since I slacked off a few months ago, but still am not happy. My new goal is lose 5-6 lbs by Thanksgiving, preferably sooner.

I've been doing great, and today is day three. My hardest time of the day to diet is late evening. Its easy to go all day without consuming too much because I'm so busy with Little Miss and writing and cleaning and running errands. But after she goes to sleep at 8, its full-on munchy time, and by then I usually have zero calories left in my day to spare.

Any tricks of the trade out there? What are some of your favorite low calorie snacks that you indulge in at night that won't ruin your whole day? I love cereal, and used to make a small bowl before bed. But after milk (even 1%) and Special K cereal, I'm still looking at 250 calories or more.

Any one else dieting? I figure if I get disciplined now, then I can enjoy myself a little around the holidays coming up and not do too much damage =)


Cortni Marrazzo said...

I am doing weight watchers to lose the weight I gained over the summer :( It's been easier because I got my husband to join with me! I love to eat Jolly Time 94% fat free popcorn at night- it is very low calorie and very tasty! And my favorite lite ice cream is Dreyer's 1/2 the fat Mud Pie- coffee, chocolate and cookies and it doesn't even taste light (per my picky husband!) And I love to eat apples dipped in this yummy vanilla dip made with cream cheese, splenda, cool whip and sugar free vanilla pudding mix. Ok, now I'm getting hungry! I better hit the gym before I go eat a bunch of snacks! LOL

Jenny Schick said...

Have you tried Greek yogurt? I like Chobani brand. It's so thick and creamy, I feel like I'm eating ice cream. The vanilla flavor has just 120 calories, no fat, 20% calcium & 16g of protein! Plus it's got lots of probiotics, important for busy moms who want to stay healthy. Sometimes I add in granola, fresh fruit or [less diet-friendly] chocolate chips!

Georgiana said...

No dieting tips here, as you know ;) I have to workout to compensate for my lack of discipline with food. Ugh.