Monday, September 28, 2009

Lessons Learned

This past weekend I had the joy of attending my cousin's wedding. On that side of the family, I have four cousins - 3 girls and a boy. He and I are only about 6 months apart in age and were very close growing up. We lived caty-cornered from each other for the majority of our childhood, and were both homeschooled more often than not, so we'd hop the fence between our houses and play computer games, ride bikes, shoot hoops, and be spies in my parents' holly bushes. (yes, they are prickly, and no, we didn't fully think that one through!)

I'm really happy for my cuz and for his beautiful new bride, who is already a dear friend and part of the family. Little Miss loves her already, and during the wedding, I would whisper to my daughter "See Ms. Britny? She looks like a princess!!" and Little Miss's eyes would get big and she'd stare in awe at the sparkling dress and flowers in Britny's hair.

It was a really fun night, here are a few of the pics. I just had to show off Little Miss's own princess dress. =)

This is me and my sis, and no, its not the same dress =)

My sister and the bride!! Britny!

Little Miss in the middle! =)

Me and Hubby!

Lessons learned from the wedding?

1. The "Cupid Shuffle" dance takes on an entirely new aerobic dimension when performed with a 20 lb toddler on one's hip--and in heels! My side is still sore but it was so fun!

2. My 14 month old can be persuaded through teddy grahams and goldfish to stay silent during an entire 30 minute wedding ceremony.

3. A couple really can be married sixty-two years (the DJ found them in the crowd while setting up a dance for married couples!) The secret to their success? They said Commitment, plain and simple.

4. My husband completely breaks the unofficially known rule "white men can't dance" .

5. Only in Louisiana will a DJ play the Bunny Hop or Brick House immediately followed by a country song.

6. Get-away cars for the bride and groom are still decorated in Saran-Wrap.

7. My parents still love to slow dance together after 30 years of marriage.

8. Little Miss is capable of staying up past her bedtime and getting not just a second wind, but a third and a fourth.

9. Mini oreo cookies heal all wounds.

10. Bridesmaids have no shame =)


Georgiana said...

Great pics! I love lil' Miss's dress!

My hub also breaks the white men can't dance rule...

Edna said...

Little Miss is growing up, she looks so cute.