Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unique quiz...

I found a pretty unique, fun quiz today. What Room of the House Are You?

This one caught my eye because I've been thinking about the settings in my stories lately. Not the overall setting as in a particular city, but individual scene settings. Where do my scenes take place? In my current WIP, set on a Texas ranch, I have a lot of scenes in the barn, in the guest cabins, in the paddock, on the trail, etc. But most of my older stories involve more inside time, such as churches, friend's living rooms, kitchens, banquet halls, cars, dining rooms, etc.

Well, I took the quiz, and apparently my setting has been all wrong. =)

Here's my answer! (quit laughing!!)

You Are the Bathroom

Overall, you are a healthy person. You enjoy taking care of yourself.You are also quite attractive. Looking your best makes you feel your best.You are conscientious and detailed oriented. You stay on top of things.You are very honest and open. Privacy is not something you need a lot of.

Take the quiz here!

Maybe you'll get a more acceptable answer! =P


Georgiana said...

I'm a kitchen (about half of the description is right--I'll let you decide which half):

You are creative and inspired. You have a lot of projects going on.
You are also a homebody who enjoys a cozy night with a nice home cooked meal.

You are generous and giving. You enjoy taking care of people.
You have a knack for knowing what each person needs most.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm the bathroom too. But oddly enough, I do value privacy, sometimes too much. So I'm not believing this quiz result.

How many days left? 3?

Hoots of joy for the coming last day being hollered out.

Erica Vetsch said...

Turns out I'm the Living Room. And I think it's fairly accurate this time. :)

You are laid back and casual. You can have fun in almost any situation.
You believe in being easy going. Life's hard enough, and you're not going to make it any harder.

You are sociable and friendly. You welcome almost anyone into your life.
You are completely unpretentious. You prefer living in a comfortable home to living in a showy home