Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do you do?

The nation is pretty upset and torn about this new Obamba-care health reform plan. I admit I don't know a lot of the details, and need to do some research. I've heard people say everything from "this is the first step to the end of the world" to "it won't be that big a deal" to everything in between.

Some people are panicking, some people are trying to take action steps toward the government by writing their senators and leaders to intervene. Others are praying, others are griping and complaining publicly and predicting doomsday, and others just seem tired of hearing about the whole thing in general.

What do you feel? What are your thoughts and why? I'd love to hear some opinions here! If you are upset, are you taking action steps to make things better? Are you praying? Or are you just griping and hoping someone else steps up to make changes? No judgment here, just curious the way different people handle different challenges or opposition or concerns. It's all a learning process!

So share!

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Georgiana said...

I think it's absolutely frightening that the gov't can make every citizen buy health insurance. What's next? Even more frightening is having the IRS in charge of overseeing that everyone complies. I wrote my congresswoman but of course she still voted yes. The sad thing is, young healthy people will pay and pay and pay, and by the time they are older and need the health care the system will have imploded.