Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring or Winter?

So we've been a little confused here in Louisiana, and so have our sinuses. (and the dogwood trees, for that matter!) We go from sunshine and mid 70's temps to cold rain and sleet/snow - in literally 48 hours. The next day the sun might be out and it's dry and warm again, then later that afternoon, a humid fog will set it and it's hot and wet. Then the next day will be a warm temp but a freezing wind, which makes dressing for work impossible. We sweat and get chills almost daily from one element or another, and we wonder why we're all sick or getting over sicknesses? Yesterday the air conditioner was on and it was warm in the house, yet this morning my Lil Miss and I are both under blankets with the heater running. Stop the madness!!

All I can say to global warming is "Pppsssssffffftttttttt." (me, blowing a raspberry with my tongue). Sorry, Al G., but its not happening. Snow in north Louisiana in LATE MARCH? That's history making, and the exact opposite of global warming.

But enough of that soapbox! Are you still snowed in? Has spring finally sprung? Or can it not make up its mind, like around here? I hope the flowers and trees survive the confusion. Sometimes in Louisiana we skip Spring and go straight from winter to pollen-filled summer temps. I am grateful we've had many beautiful spring days so far, even if they have been in and among more snow and slush.

Here's hoping everyone can beat the pollen and stay well! I know we're struggling. But its worth it to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. When I was a kid I used to say I thought God's favorite color must be either blue or green, since there was so much of it on the earth. =)

What part of Spring is your favorite? The flowers? Easter? The baby birds? Candy in your basket? ;)


Julie said...

I know exactly how you feel. Here in Oklahoma it has been shorts one day, scarves and gloves the next. My favorite thing about spring is going to the park with my little guy!

Georgiana said...

HAHAHA!!! As I was driving home this morning, those exact words ran through my head--stop the madness! It's snowing again. Ugh. Al Gore needs to have his head examined. Although he HAS made quite a profit, flying all over the world in his private jet and overusing fossil fuels, creating this global warming hysteria. Did you know that global warming alarmists are saying that the unusually cold and wonky weather is DUE TO global warming?

No--stop laughing--I'm serious!

T. Anne said...

Flowers, baby birds, you name it! I love warm weather and I crave it when it's foggy out here in LA.