Monday, March 29, 2010

New review!!

Check it out! A VALENTINE'S WISH was reviewed on Kwips and Kritiques...

Lori Perkins finds herself unemployed and nursing a sore heart over her broken engagement. Her fiancé left her for someone else. Now, her best friend, whom she has had a secret crush on for ages, is acting distant too. Due to the impropriety of another youth pastor in another church, the church board is pressuring youth pastor Andy Stewart to find himself a wife. Andy knows the only woman for him is his best friend, Lori, so he begins an elaborate secret admirer campaign to win her heart.

A Valentine's Wish is a delightful romantic comedy just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Andy helps Lori find a temporary job managing his aunt’s candy store (and isn’t that every chocoholics fantasy come true?). Then his aunt insists that he call her with secret reports of how Lori is doing, which means that Andy has to keep hanging around the store without raising his best friend’s suspicions that he doesn’t have faith in her abilities to succeed. Both Andy and Lori are wonderful characters that anyone would love to have as their own friends. The best-friends-to-lovers theme is masterfully executed in A Valentine's Wish and I loved each delicious scene of their mixed-up, bumbling relationship. Pick up a copy of this feel-good read to warm your heart during the cold of winter.

Reviewed by Crystal

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Georgiana said...

Masterfully executed--gotta love that! Congratulations :D

Melissa Brasil said...

I read your book and WOW! I felt so connected to Lori! She was just like me. I read a lot of books and I usually cannot connect with the people in the book. Just great!