Friday, March 12, 2010

Any Idol Fans Out There?

So every year I think surely I won't care about next year's competition, but I somehow end up watching after all. I got into it the most the year I was pregnant, in early 2008. I would come home from work on those nights and curl up on the couch with a bag of baked cheetos and watch Wheel of Fortune and Idol. It became a routine, and now its like a nostalgic memory. (I don't eat the cheetos anymore though! lol)

This year, though, I fear is truly my last. I don't miss Paula as a judge. I think Kara's done a great job being the solid female input, and is a good mixture of encouragement, praise, and honest criticism to balance Simon's negativity and Randy's unpredictable responses. Ellen, however, just seems pointless to have her there. She knows nothing about the music industry. Sure, she's lived on stage as a talk show host, actress and comedian, but that's not the same thing. I just can't put any stock into her words. She's offered a few laughs along the way of the competition, but...I'm not getting into it. And this is Simon's last year, so I'm afraid the show will tank when he leaves anyway.

But about this year's competition, who are your favorites? There are a few I'm rooting for more than others, mostly Didi, because I think she has a really unique voice and a heartwarming story about her journey to AI. Siobhan is talented, but scares me. I'm glad Katie made it through last night, even though she is young and very inexperienced. I think Janelle got voted off too early a few weeks ago - she is still in my opinion better than Paige. How is Paige on the top 12? I must be missing something. But good for her! Its fun to watch people live their dream, and just like the writing industry, the music industry is so subjective. What is pretty to one person's ears isn't to another, and what makes one editor like one story isn't a guarantee for them liking another.

Good thing God's in control, huh? =)

So, dish! What are your thoughts on AI? Do you watch, or boycott? Do you care, or not have time to watch? Any contestant that is your favorite? Why? Let's hear the scoop!


Carrie said...

I love AI and was pretty shocked with a few of the choices for the Top 12. I actually kind of miss Paula....I miss the awkwardness she brought and the "caring" she brought. I like Kara for the fact that she does know her stuff but she bothers me a little the way she sits so close to Simon. She is married and all but seems to want to get really close to him. (I may be crazy in thinking that). I like Ellen but I agree with you....she really doesn't seem to know what to say. They would have been just fine with 3 judges again. I do like Didi a lot! I really was sad when Janelle got kicked off so early because I think she had really good potential. I have NO clue why Paige got in the Top 12! The other two girls were much better! I wasn't a huge fan of them but they still did a better job. I like Lee and Andrew out of the guys and Crystal and Didi out of the girls the most. Siobhan is great but she scares me too! I believe those are all of my opinions so far....sorry if it was too much! :0)

Georgiana said...

I've never seen one episode in my entire life. {ducking}

Lori said...

I think Paige should be out and one of the other girls in. Either one. Katelyn Epperly is good, but she seems kinda catty. They cut away to her when one of the other girls was singing. She was clapping completely half-heartedly and looked disgusted. :P

Lilly Scott is fantastic, but she picked a snoozy song. I'm sad to see her go.

I might not get to watch much idol this year, but I like it when I can. Go Didi! Go Crystal!