Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday exhaustion

Wow, what a birthday!!! I didn't think 26 was that big of a deal, but Saturday evening, a simple pizza girl's night turned into a big co-ed shindig with all our friends from church, complete with a homemade birthday cake from my mom and chocolate covered strawberries. I was given several nice gifts, including a new dress I wore the following Monday on a bday date with Hubby, and a total of $40 in giftcards to Starbucks! I am one happy mocha-lovin' birthday girl!

Monday night Hubby and I went to dinner at a gourmet mexican restaurant we love, using a gift card we'd somehow managed to save since Christmas. Then he took me to one of my favorite stores and said "You have this much $ to spend. Get whatever you want!"


I got a fabulous dusty pink purse and several pairs of earrings, and still have money for shoes to spend later ;) After months and months of penny pincing from his lay-off, it was nice to be able to buy for myself guilt-free. Kudos to Hubby for secretly saving me some birthday money to blow. What a treat!

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, I had to work, but I wasn't deprived, don't worry. My mom, grandma and my Little Miss met me and my sister, who I work with, for lunch and I was given more gifts and sweet cards. Then last night a friend came over with steaks and homemade ice cream and we had a fun evening eating. Did I mention I'm starting a diet tomorrow???? My bestie told me calories don't count on your birthday, I'm so hoping she's right... ;)

I'll post some pics of all the birthday madness later! Meanwhile, to all my local friends, don't forget I have a book signing coming up Friday, April 2nd, at 6:00 at Barnes & Noble on Youree Drive. Come get your autographed copy of RODEO SWEETHEART, hot off the press! =)

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Georgiana said...

Aww that is so sweet. An extravaganza!