Thursday, March 11, 2010

It Never Fails...

Do you have a "it never fails" in your life? Like "every time I wash my car, it rains. never fails." or "every time I buy a new pair of jeans, I lose five pounds and then they're too big" (I wish!)

My "it never fails" lately has been that if I cook a good, homemade dinner for my husband, something will come up last minute that will make him late. No matter how hard I try to get his estimated time of arrival and cook accordingly, it never, ever fails. He runs into an old friend who keeps him out talking. Or he blows a fuse on his motorcycle and is sitting on the side of the highway for an hour waiting for a ride. Or he simply doesn't give himself enough time to complete a task and underestimates the time needed. Or I'm trying a new recipe, and assume it will take me longer to cook than it does (yes, those things have all happened in the last month) So, despite my effort to bless him with a good meal after he's been working his booty off on all these part time jobs, trying to keep us afloat until a real job opens up, he's then stuck trying to warm up what was a good, homemade dinner, and has become a congealed, sticky, discolored dinner.

But if it's a "fend for yourself" hot dog night or Hamburger Helper, he's there, on time, ready to eat. Figures.

Sigh. I get points for trying, huh?

What about you? Do you have any "it never fails" that you'd like to vent about today? =)


Georgiana said... totally get bonus points for trying!

For me:

It never fails...that when I dig in to start exercising something happens to derail my regimen.

Guess we all have them!

W Weido said...

Betsy -
I used to have those same 'it never fails' when I was married. Now mine are centered around having a crazy idea that I'll get home with my child after long day before 10p and 'it never fails', she will have so much homework or studying that we don't get home until after 11p (she stays with my parents after school while I'm at work). It did frustrate and upset me for a while, then I just learned to accept that it will happen - I just have to deal with it.

Andrea said...

Those hot dog nights are good, though!

For me, the only "it never fails" I can think of is when I walk down the hall of the Dr.'s office to do my PFTs (Pulmonary Function Test) I start coughing like crazy, even if I haven't coughed in hours. It's like my lungs saved all of it up for right before I need them to look good. *sigh* It never fails.