Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is in the air...

We're actually getting some Springtime!

The past few days have been sunny and breezy and warm, but not "hot". We took full advantage - Little Miss had a kite day at Preschool last Friday, which we continued over at the firestation with her Daddy. Then we've been riding bikes outside and taking her Fur Real puppy on walks down the driveway, and "helped" my husband plant some bushes and till a garden. Good times! I even drug a spin class bike outside to the gym parking lot yesterday and pedaled away (in one spot) for 20 minutes. Woohoo!

What are you doing to celebrate Spring?

PS - my birthday is Friday. Talk about the ultimate in Spring celebrations :) Bring on the cake and sushi!!!


Becky S. said...

Happy Birthday week!!!

Betty Welch said...

Happy Birthday Great Niece! You just get prettier every year. I apologize for being late, had some drama I had to take care of. But I thought of you on Friday, your special day. Did you get any chocolate?
Aunt Betty