Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ohhh ahhh just a little bit...

"Ohhhh ahhh just a little bit, ohhh ahhh a little bit more" - do you remember that song from the 90's? It's annoying because it gets stuck in your head (sorry)

That was my mantra yesterday at the gym. I did the March challenge, and am now all caught up on the monthly challenges and can do April's whenever they get it ready. Yay! The previous challenges were harder than this month's, but I was still working up quite a sweat today. I usually do the challenges outside, but it was warm this morning so my trainer and I just hunkered in the corner out of the way and did 13 different combo moves, 13 times each. Like a step up on a bench while doing curls with dumbbells. Or a bridge on the floor while doing a tricep extension over your head with another dummbell. Or squats with shoulder presses on dumbbells.

On and on and on.

Yes, there were burpees, and I did them better this time than before, though I still feel that's the main activity they will do in Hades. Ironically, the move I was dreading (plank jacks, which is holding a plank position while jumping-jacking your feet) was easy as pie compared to those burpees. Oy!!! I mean really? Who thought of those?!?!?

I almost forgot the lunges. She had me lunge in place - JUMPING into each new lunge.

And then I had to bear crawl outside. I think she just wanted to laugh ;)

It's neat though how results beget more results. In my 9th week now, I'm seeing major results in the mirror, and that makes me just want to work harder and get more. That's why I keep pushing myself - just a little bit more - to keep building muscle, burning calories, toning up, slimming down...

That same theory applies to anything in our life worth doing. Bad days with kids - just a little bit more. Bad day with the spouse - just a little bit more. Bad at school - just a little bit more. Try again. Bite your tongue. Study harder. Rinse and repeat.

Sort of like the Bible verse that instructs us "let us not grow weary in doing good". There's a purpose and an ending to it all that's worth it. Whether that's a six pack abs, children who rise up and call you blessed, or a husband who praises you in the streets - it's going to be good. IF you keep at it.

Just a little bit more!!


Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! Sounds like the plyocide routine I was for p90x the other day. I'm doing better each week though. :-)

Sierra said...

I love that last paragraph :) Just a little more! Congratulations on coming out alive! It sounds tough! Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)