Friday, March 16, 2012

A little Easter prep...with a poodle on the side

So this week has been a blur of working out, catching up on deadlines, finishing up proposals, revisions, keeping up with my Little Miss's busy schedule, a girl's night, church, house projects, cleaning, working from home on my new part time job and of course - shopping for my Little Miss's easter outfit. :)

I mean really. Nothing beats a toddler in a new Easter dress.

Her outfit this year is going to be precious. I'm a bit of a stickler for "she has to be able to wear it more than once" and since toddler girl dresses can be ridiculously expensive, I refused to get anything that was too "easter" in design. I wanted spring that could transition into summer. And I found it at this cute little consignment shop called "Hock Your Smocks" - which is exactly what it sounds like. lol All smocked stuff, barely worn, all sizes, for cheap. DREAM come true for mommies! :)

We ended up finding a precious, pink and green and white gingham print, short-sleeved smocked top and pant set, with the ruffles on the pant leg cuffs. The design on the top is the cutest little poodle! Little Miss saw it and kept saying "that poodle cracks me up!!" So it was the winner. And the entire set was $30. Sweeeeet.

Are you Easter shopping yet? Have you found "your poodle"?One of these days I wanna go all out for church on Easter Sunday with the big frilly hat. hehehe. It just feels right ;) Buuuuut probably not this year.

I love springtime! (I do NOT love the wasps and horseflies already buzzing around my carport)

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