Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A day for daydreams...

Okay, so I'm in a daydreamy mood today, maybe because our weather this season has been so jacked up. One day I'm dreaming about Vermont or the Alps, the other day I'm dreaming of the Bahamas and Hawaii.


I think Spring is here. Actually I think it's been here for about 4 weeks, and the groundhog was not only confused about seeing more weeks of winter, he was downright wrong. It was humorous at the time anyway because the same day he predicted 6 more weeks of winter, it had already been 80 degrees here. Ha! Sounds like someone should retire.

So I guess I need to accept reality - winter just never happened, and it's time to put away the beautiful orange peacoat jacket and bust out the sundresses. (and go get a pedicure) No more dreams of snowball fights like last year. No more snowmen or watching the neighbors pull a kid on a makeshift toboggan down the icy road behind a four-wheeler. (I told you we live in the country)

Bring on the sunshine. The toenail polish. Cardigans. And...bugs. Yes, the wasps and bees are already out, probably just as confused as the rest of us. (but still sporting stingers so...they win)

So what's your mood today? You feel like skiing or laying out in a bikini? :)

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