Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter, winter, wherefore art thou Winter?

I mean really. Today is going to be 80 degrees! And stormy. This time a few years ago, it was snowing. That's about a 55-60 degree difference.

What is going on? Global warming? I truly hate to admit that Al Gore is correct about ANYTHING, but....seriously. I barely even got to wear my adorable orange peacoat I nabbed from Old Navy on clearance for $20 something! Sigh.

The really scary question is - what does this mean for summer? :::shudder:::

So anyway, I guess I'll be the one riding bikes with Little Miss today in shorts and flip flops. Or wearing a tank top to the gym and driving with the windows down.

Is anyone out there getting winter? Is there hope left at all?

I think I'm going to turn on the Christmas cartoons and just pretend.


Linda said...

I don't think Al Gore is correct.

There were some earthquakes that threw the earth's axis off by a few degrees. That's my theory.

Blaire said...

I am not sure where you are that is having such amazing weather. But here in Boston, the winter has been very mild for us. Lots of days around 40 degrees and that feels very pleasant and last winter we had feet of snow so I am not complaining... I hope it last.

Judy said...

I agree with Linda about the earthquakes. Having said is winter here in Northern Indiana. Snowing and freezing rain mixed right now. We could get up to 3 inches or more of snow. Mostly though, our temps have been hovering in the low 40's most of the winter. It is enough to make me freeze though. I'm always cold! Send some of those 80's my way please!