Friday, February 03, 2012


So today is Friday. The weekend. Writing time! Woohoo!! And...I can barely move my arms. Or my legs, or booty, or knees. Or my right ankle. Or take deep breaths without feeling like my ribcage might break open.

Even yawning hurts! ha.

I'm somewhat sore. Let's just say that my working out this week and my fitness asessment with a personal trainer yesterday was.... ummmm .....productive :)


It'll get better. Right? Right?!?!!?

It will. And hey, barely being able to move is HUGE motivation to stay away from the chocolate and the ice cream sandwiches and the cupcakes. I never thought I'd say this but....ithey just might not be worth it.


How's your Friday? I'm off to finish a proposal! (assuming I can keep typing without doubling over) What are you doing?

Ouch. Pass the Diet Coke and Advil please!


Tonya said...

You could also take a warm bath in Epsom salt or warm up a rice bag to soothe your muscles.
I have q fitness assessment of sorts next week, so you're not alone

Sarah Varland said...

I'm totally with you. I don't think there's a muscle in my arms or back that isn't super angry with me from all the yard work/exercise I did yesterday...