Friday, February 17, 2012

When dreams come true...

So while we were at Disneyworld in late November, Little Miss and I stumbled into a fun store where the workers were dressed as old fashioned townspeople. Suddenly, the Fairy Godmother came over to us after we'd been there awhile, and knelt down in front of Little Miss with her wand. Very seriously, she told Little Miss "I have a fairy dust. Close your eyes and make a wish. Don't tell us what it is."

Little Miss squeezed her eyes shut and Fairy Godmother booped her over the head with her wand and said "Bippity Boppity Boo" and a few other things then fluttered off with a smile.

Little Miss was entranced, while I stood there both wondering how long it would take to get the glitter out of her hair (answer - 8 days) and filled with dread because of one tiny little word that whispered through Little Miss's lips...


Yep. She wished for a puppy. I was freaking out! How could I make that wish come true? I don't want a puppy, I already have a toddler! ha! We left and I figured she'd forget about it. I mean come on, she's 3.

Nope. Literally every few days for the following WEEKS Little Miss would randomly say "My wish didn't come true." I would remind her that it takes patience, and some wishes take longer to work than others (I didn't want to totally kill the magic! But I wasn't ready to break out the puppy diapers and dog collars either!)

Finally, one day recently, I realized that Little Miss didn't mean a real puppy. She meant a black stuffed animal puppy.


I got on Amazon, used the end of a gift card, and for $3 after that, bought a totally awesome stuffed black lab "Melissa and Doug" brand puppy, and had it mailed to the house with a note inside from the Fairy Godmother, addressed to Princess Audrey, explaining how her patience had worked and her wish came true.

It was priceless. She opened it last night at the fire station while visiting her daddy and was just elated. We got pictures which I'll post later, but the whole thing was just so totally sweet. She was so excited and had no trouble believing the fairies had finally made her wish come true. "Biscuit" is now a part of the family, and part of Little Miss's bedtime posse - and is apparently best friends with the pre-existing Gigi (the giraffe, who refuses to give up her spot as Ultimate Favorite)

It was a magical night. I love the childhood innocence and trust and full belief in what adults typically view as inconvenience or hassle (like glitter imbedded in one's scalp)

Makes me want to come to break out the fairy dust and come to God a little more childlike myself...


Anne said...

Oh my gosh that was the most adorable toddler story EVER. Miss my writing friend while I'm stuck in diaper world! :)

Laura L. Smith said...

I LOVE fairy dust, Disney and believing in wishes come true. Paul tells the Philippians that "everything Gpd wants to do in and through me will be done. I can hardly wait to continue on my course." You set a great example to your daughter that sometimes wishes take great patience, but that they're always worth waiting for. I can hardly wait to see what magic God will continue to work with you and your writing and what magic God has in store for all of us.