Monday, July 11, 2011

Too pooped to party...

So this weekend was my Little Miss's third birthday party! Her birthday isn't until this upcoming Thursday, but we had her party early since it was the best time for the most people to attend. And they sure did - I think I counted 30 people, including babies, friends, family, and fellow toddlers! We all had a blast, and my house actually survived ;)

The kids colored and ate cake and ice cream and cookies and fruit (well okay, the adults ate fruit) and played toys. The party was owl-themed, to match Little Miss's new big girl room (we converted her crib to toddler bed two days before the party and re-decorated her room!) so I made up a "pin (tape) the beak on the owl game" that was a big hit! The kids did great with it too! The adults played a "How Well Do you Know Little Miss" game with a $10 Starbucks prize. Everyone did great there too. She is well loved :)

Little Miss opened a ridiculous amount of super cool gifts, including a gorgeous flowered apron, a new piggy bank that she passed around and earned some decent cash in, art projects, a crayola crayon apron with pockets for the colors to store in, Chutes & Ladders, a toolbox with play tools that really work, a Disney princess beauty kit with a pretend hair dryer that really blows and other grooming goodies, movies, markers, and on and on and ON!! Great day.

I'm a little too pooped to post pics yet or do anything, really, besides lift a forkful of birthday cake to my mouth, so I'll get back with you guys on the pics later this week...

PS - I'm also still under deadline for my Love Inspired novel, releasing April 2012, and have exactly one week from today to turn it in. Thankfully I'm THIS close to be done - like, literally just words away. YAY! I can't wait to type The End and move on to a new project....a top secret one... ;) hehehe. Don't you love fresh writing projects??? Makes writing so new and exciting again, every time.

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