Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little something...

I'm curious today. What's your little something?

You know, when you've had a really bad day, or a really bad night - you wake up (or are getting ready for bed) and you do...what? Hot bubble bath? Candy bar? Soda? Special tea? A new book?

What is your self go-to reward for surviving a night of little sleep or for handling a stressful day at work or for meeting a deadline you never thought you'd make? etc.

For me, it's Starbucks. I don't get it all that often because A. it's expensive ($3.86 for the smallest size!) and B. It's high in calories. Yeah, my "tall, not fat, white chocolate mocha with NO whip" is still 270 calories! Can you imagine if I got it bigger, regular milk, WITH whip? Oy. (Seriously, it takes just as good without all that! Try it!)

I got one today, even though I really didn't have that big of an excuse other than Little Miss woke me up at 2:15 a.m. to go potty, (SO PROUD of her for being able to do that from a sound sleep in middle of the night, with no accidents, at barely 3 years old!) and I'm starting to get a mild allergy drip in my throat. Not exactly "I DESERVE A TREAT" worthy but I'll take it ;)

(Hey, the way I see, after surviving last week of Little Miss's hand/foot/mouth virus, well - I deserve Starbucks daily for the next decade)

So what's your little something? Or what is your BIG something that you save toward to really celebrate/commiserate? :)

(I need ideas for a new one that's cheaper than $3.86) haha

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Sierra said...

Hmm...I would say books but I have a new book every day so that doesn't really count I guess.Maybe a piece of candy I've saved up or relaxing by watching Youtube while I'm on the computer instead of posting or reading blogs and commenting.That is fun to do all the reading and commenting but I follow a lot of blogs and I'm busy sometimes so it gets stressful at times.If I had fudge or ice cream that would be my reward though :)
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