Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I did it!

I did it!

Despite the laundry and the dishes and the toddler and the multiple birthday parties and the lack of sleep and and the multiple part time jobs and the deadlines and the stress and the melt downs and the cleaning and the chaos...I'm done.

Yep. I typed "The End" yesterday afternoon before meeting my parents for dinner. I was late to the restaurant, but I was so close to wrapping up my novel, even the promise of chips and salsa couldn't budge me from my computer chair!!

I'm giddy.

And I'm completely aware that God gets the credit for this one. He gave me the creative inspiration, the energy, and the buried time to essentially write 2 books in 6 months. Praise Him!!! He's why I do this anyway. :)

The only problem is...I'm over my word count. ha! So I'm done writing, but I have to find a way to cut 1,000 words from the manuscript. Yikes. Oh well, done it before.

The good news is...I'm DONE! Did I mention I'm DONE???? :) And, bonus, I will still get this to my editor a few days before deadline, which is always the goal. YAY!

So, please, celebrate with me today - calories in cupcakes are half-off ;)


Anne said...

Oh so glad the pressure is o-vah!! You do so much (a fraction of it being my fault :) and God knows it really is all for Him. May He continue to honor and inpire you more and more!

Laura J said...


Preslaysa said...

Yay!! I'm so proud of you. Go girl!!

Gina Conroy said...

Yay, for you! I just be happy to sit down and write fiction! (I've been writing A LOT of other stuff)