Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Drives You?

What Drives You?
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Here's my results....

You Are Driven by Stability

There's nothing more frightening to you than a life of chaos. You try to find security whenever possible. You take a lot of joy in being responsible, and you always have a backup plan.You are good at completing boring and tedious tasks if you know they will pay off in the future. You tend to have little to worry about in your life. You are good at planning ahead.
This is so true of me. I really have a hard time with change. Once I adjust, though I'm adjusted - until a new change comes along. Apparently God is trying to change this in me, based on our entire last year :) I'm determined to learn the lesson and learn to loosen up so maybe I can honor God with my flexibility. I know He made me the way I am but sometimes good traits, taken to an extreme, can be a fault. It's all about balance!
What are your results? Let's have some group therapy here :)


Linda said...

You Are a Delight
You are easy to get along with and easy to be with, but you're definitely not a doormat.
You'll cheerfully ask for what you want, and you're almost always ready to compromise.

You are comfortable speaking your mind, and you're also willing to admit you may not be right.
You know how to work well with others. You can bend in the wind, but you don't break.

Wendy Weido said...

Mine are spot-on:
You Are Driven By Self-Improvement
You believe that if you're too satisfied in your life, you're doing something wrong.
You are always trying to better yourself, and that means putting in a lot of hard work.

You want to be the best you can be, and you hardly ever rest. You are a type A person for sure.
You are always trying to make your strengths more robust and your weaknesses disappear

Weird how true it is. I'm constantly seeking approval or I'm running on fumes. Kind of fun to do this...