Friday, June 25, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday! I didn't schedule it in advance as I usually do during the three days a week I work my part time job, and it slipped my mind! Whoops.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the speaking event at the church that I had asked for quotes, regarding the topic of beauty and body image. Pray for me and for God to give me the right words tomorrow and that the women will hear something they can take home with them and apply to their lives. Thanks for all who contributed their quotes on the topics. It really helped give me a new perspective for the material, and hopefully some of the ladies/girls at the event tomorrow will be able to relate.

I'll spend this afternoon probably preparing for tomorrow - printing my speech, gathering my props and books to bring, etc. I'm excited! Should be a great day.

What are your weekend plans??? :)

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