Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Keep on swimming..."

Who saw "Finding Nemo?"

Who still can't get Dory's little song out your head? "Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming swimmin' swimming..."

For a ditzy fish, Dory had the right idea. Sometimes, in our writing, friendships, jobs, and life in general, we just gotta keep on swimming. Dory knew success could be right over the next wave. And so could ours. When stress becomes too much and daily chores grow overwhelming and manuscript rejections leave open wounds, all we can do is keep swimming. Swimming toward our goal. Swimming toward the joy of accomplishment. Swimming toward cooler waters and brighter days.

I'm just super thankful Jesus is the Lifeguard always on duty :)

Who among us is swimming today? Who is floating, trying to get up the courage and strength to swim a little further? Who gave up a long time ago and needs to start again? Today, whatever you are struggling with, whatever disappointment is weighing you down, whatever dream seems unreachable and goal seems unobtainable, keep swimming. Just one more day. Give God the chance to tow you along and show you how to swim with Him.

You won't drown.


Tonya said...

This was really encouraging today, thanks! :)

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love this, Betsy! Especially your quote... "Jesus is the Lifeguard always on duty."

BIG happy sigh!

Georgiana said...

That's me....still swimming! Although, I must say I'm grateful that God has really held my hand these last few weeks especially.