Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for the prayers! =)

Saturday's speaking event went great. Thanks to all who prayed!!

It was at a local church for their monthly women's minstry event. They had a "fashion show" which turned out to be a faux fashion show, and was HILARIOUS. Ten brave women dressed in the most creative costumes while another pair of ladies "emcee'd" the event. They took old fashioned terms of clothing to the literal extreme - a "pillbox hat" was indeed a cardboard hat with a buch of Tylenol boxes taped to the outside. A "lucky charm bracelet" was an actual bracelet covered in lucky charms cereal. A "checked print dress" was a dress with someone's actual checkbook checks taped all over the outside. Very, very cute stuff. They got a lot of good laughs.

After the fashion show, we had a delicious lunch of the pot luck variety, and then I spoke for about half an hour on body image and the differences between what God deems beautiful and what the world deems beautiful. I wrapped it up with examples of "The Shoes Women Wear" and had a shoe represent each aspect of a woman's life. It was very well received, and the women were so gracious when I teared up at the end while talking about my mother-in-law's accident last year.

I sold more books than I had expected afterward, which made my day. Everyone was so complimentary and sweet. I was very welcomed and encouraged by everyone there. Sometimes, its hard being new at a church, even if you were asked to come. These ladies blessed me so much and it was an honor to be there. They bring new meaning to the concept of the body of Christ - they are such an example of unity and acceptance and teamwork. =)

Its amazing to me to watch the path God has put me on these last few years. I never would have guessed that the timid high schooler who trembled at the thought of a pending college speech class would be willing and able to share God's word to a group of women from a stage or teach writing workshops. I love how God develops us for His purpose. That fact gives me hope for the future - when circumstances look grim, I can look backward and see God's fingerprints and know that this temporary time in the dark will be light once again.

All for His glory!

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